This Christmas, we’re hoping Santa leaves one of these oversized holiday treats under our tree.

By Emily VanSchmus
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Giant candy is everywhere this year, and we’re obsessing over the Christmas varieties that are starting to hit stores. Whoever said the best gifts come in small packages clearly hadn’t seen these insanely big candy treats. Pick one up for a White Elephant exchange, or leave it under the tree for that one person on your list who already has everything else.

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We’ve rounded up the best Christmas-inspired holiday treats so you can finish your Christmas shopping in time for the holidays. We’re totally adding the 1-pound Reese’s Cups to the top of our wishlist!

Giant Candy Cane

We’re seriously obsessed with the giant candy cane trend. At a whopping one pound, this candy cane is taller than some toddlers and makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list with a sweet tooth—but we won’t tell if you buy it just for yourself. If you aren’t able to finish the whole candy, break off an untouched portion and use it to make one of our irresistible candy cane recipes!

Buy it: Giant Peppermint Candy Cane, $12.95

Giant Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

If you’re in need of a gift that really makes a statement, a 3-pound chocolate bar should do the trick. We’re totally drooling over this huge Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar—and this gluten-free candy is a steal at under $20. Wrap it along with your other Christmas gifts, or just add a festive bow and pop it under the tree. If your recipient tears open the bar after Christmas dinner, you don’t even have to make dessert—there will be plenty of chocolate to go around!

Buy it: Hershey’s Holiday Milk Chocolate Bar, $19.98

Giant Santa Beard Lollipop

This candy looks just like a giant Santa beard, and we think it would make the cutest photo op! Grab one on your next Target run and make sure it doesn’t get eaten until you’ve taken everyone’s picture as they pose with the oversized beard.

Buy it: Giant Santa Beard Lollipop, $29.95

Giant Christmas Kiss

This huge Hershey Kiss is seriously Christmas goals. You can score this special Christmas edition 12-oz Kiss for under $10, which means it won’t break Santa’s budget. And, it's gluten-free! The solid milk chocolate candy comes wrapped in green or red foil and is nestled inside an easy-to-wrap square box.

Buy it: Hershey’s Giant Holiday Milk Chocolate Kiss, $9.98

Giant Santa Gummy

This giant Santa might be the cutest gummy candy we’ve ever seen. This Christmas take on the giant gummy bear trend weighs more than half a pound, and contains 10 individual servings. We’re totally adding this to our Target carts in preparation for our next Christmas party!

Buy it: Giant Holiday Santa Gummy, $6.99

Giant Reese’s Cups

We can’t even pretend we’re going to buy this as a gift—we’re totally eating the whole thing! Advertised as the world’s largest Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, each package of gluten-free peanut butter goodness weighs almost one pound and contains two giant pieces of chocolate and peanut butter goodness. We’re totally bribing Santa for this!

Buy it: Reese’s 1 Pound Peanut Butter Cups, $14.99



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