Home security is finally getting more affordable attention. This new product is easy to use and less than $10.

By Hannah Bruneman
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Leaving a front and back porch light on throughout the night is always a good idea, according to an article in The Kansas City Star. It deters burglars (who would rather avoid being seen) and can be comforting to partners or kids coming home late. A front porch light is also super helpful in neighborhoods or rural communities where streetlights aren't always present; no one wants to be left fumbling with the keys in the dark.

GE is coming up with some bright innovations when it comes to lighting. They recently announced a series of grow lights to help your plants live longer and get taller, but they have something even more important on the way—and it involves the safety of your family.

They’re calling it the Dusk to Dawn lightbulb and it’s a simple, inexpensive security measure for your home.

Here’s how the GE bulb works: Homeowners install the Dusk to Dawn bulb in their outside lights and lamps. Thanks to a built-in light sensor, the bulbs automatically turn on at dusk and turn off when the sun returns. That’s it. All you have to worry about is installing the bulbs and GE technology will take care of the rest.

Image courtesy of GE.

Keeping front porch lights on while you sleep can deter unwanted houseguests from entering your home—especially if you pair them with a front door alarm system. Not to mention, unwanted guests (or intruders) will never know when you’re on vacation.

In comparison to other home safety innovations out there, this is one of the most affordable. Each bulb sells for less than $10 and lasts more than 12 years. Similar programmable light switches, like the Intermatic ST01 7 Day Programmable In Wall Digital Timer Switch, $31.49 on Amazon, are significantly more expensive and require electrical work at installation. The Dust to Dawn bulbs are currently on sale at Meijer stores and will be available at Target nationwide in late June.

Above decorating or upgrading our homes, safety always comes first. A simple bulb swap is a low-maintenance way to bring some peace of mind to concerned homeowners. With a little help from smart home technology, feeling secure while at home and away is better than ever.



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