If you love your Roomba, you’re going to love these new contraptions. Let these yard-care robots do the dirty work for you.

By Jenny Krane
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Ever wish that you could get out of outdoor chores like mowing and weeding? Recent innovations in technology may let you off the hook. Not only are these inventions convenient, but they also may be better for your yard in the long run. Talk about a win-win.

Mowbot mowing robot on lawn near rock wall
Image courtesy of Mowbot

Lawn-Mowing Robot

Mowbot does the lawn research and maintenance you don’t have time to do. This lawn-mowing robot cuts your grass with a little help from GPS. It moves in an irregular pattern, but is light-weight and doesn’t leave tracks in the yard. After cutting for a few hours, it drives itself back to its charging station.

Built-in sensors allow the Mowbot to sense garden structures and other obstacles in your yard. The sensors also learn which parts of your lawn grow faster so it knows where to spend the most time trimming. The best part of this new device? It is battery powered, which makes it much quieter than a mower with an engine.

Image courtesy of Amazon

This lawn wizard works its magic sans manpower. You can program the mower to work around your schedule, making it virtually effortless to mow your lawn. The Landroid's shock-sensor system mows around obstacles in the yard, and the gentle noise makes it usable in the early morning and late at night.

Tertill garden weeding robot on dirt
Image courtesy of Tertill

Weeding Robot

Tertill, born on Kickstarter, is a solar-powered weeding robot for your garden. This adorable green gardening buddy can sense plants and edges of a garden bed, allowing it to travel around the bed on its own to find small weeds. Once it senses a weed, it lowers a weed whacking mechanism that gets rid of the small sprout. The four-wheel-drive also allows it to easily navigate over mulch or sand.

This gardening robot has self-charging solar panels and Bluetooth capability so you can connect to your phone. Besides using alternative energy, Tertill is also a weeding option that doesn’t use harmful herbicides. The product is a great option for gardeners that have mobility limitations.


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