With summer weather just around the corner, shoppers across the country are buying these treats in bulk—but no one can decide what they’re called. A viral post about the frozen pops sparked a debate on the Internet this week.

By Emily VanSchmus
May 31, 2019
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As summer approaches, grocery store shelves are filling up with plastic tubes of fruity ice pops—the kind that are sold unfrozen and turn into a delicious summer treat after a few hours in the freezer. Even if you’re not familiar with the name, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Costco even has a boozy variety that is already in stores. These little plastic tubes of juice are an annual summer staple, and with warm weather around the corner, the Internet is buzzing with an important debate: What exactly are these treats called?

Earlier this week, a Twitter user uploaded an image of the frozen pops asking the Internet what the treats are called, and it turns out there are way too many names for them.

Some stated they’d never even thought about what the pops were called, and a user named Dorothy joked she only knew them as “stop eating those or you’ll ruin dinner.” The most common answer was “Otter Pops,” probably because this is one of the many brands who makes the treats. Other brand-specific answers included “flavor ice pops,” (otherwise known as Fla-Vor-Ice) and Zooper Doopers, which is a brand specific to Australia and New Zealand. Other names included Freezies, Icy Poles, and Flavor Pops.

These were the most common user answers:

  • Freezies
  • Flavor Pops
  • Otter Pops
  • Freezer pops
  • Zooper Doopers
  • Icy Poles
  • Flavor Ice
  • Freezy pops
  • Italian Ice Pops
  • Jublies

Regardless of what you call these desserts—or what you think the best flavor is—there’s no debate about them being a must-have for summer. We like them so much, the Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen even invented a few varieties of our own. Our Bahama Mama Ice Pops put an adults-only twist on the classic childhood favorite by mixing rum and grenadine with tropical fruit juice and adding them to the iconic plastic sleeves. We’re also partial to these Corpse Reviver Pops which combine citrus juice with dessert wine and gin for a seriously delicious summer snack.

While the Internet debates the "official" name of these treats, we'll be filling our carts with pops, like these Polar Freeze Pops, $4.99, Target, and enjoying a tasty treat at our next pool party or backyard barbeque.



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