Brew a cafe-worthy cuppa from the comfort of your home with this innovative appliance.

By Hannah Bruneman
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We’re all for dual-use kitchen appliances (hello, KitchenAid and Instant Pot), but we don't have anything like this.

Did you know that GE has a refrigerator with a built-in Keurig coffee dispenser? It's part of the GE Café appliance lineup, and it's amazing. Imagine brewing a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning without crowding your countertops or hauling a bulky coffee maker out of the cupboard.

keuirg dispenser in fridge
Image courtesy of GE

The Keurig machine fits discreetly into the door’s water dispenser for dual functionality. It’s practically unnoticeable until you smell the coffee brewing.

To use the coffee maker, remove the small Keurig reservoir. Pop in the K-cup of your choice, return the device to its dock, and select the cup size you’d like to brew. When the water is done heating, the button above the Keurig dispenser will glow red signifying it’s ready to start brewing.

filling keurig dispenser
Image courtesy of GE

The brewing system can prepare any of the more than 400 coffee varieties available in K-Cups. Imagine brewing your favorite Starbucks blend from the same appliance you grab your yogurt and fruit parfait. Genius!

But that's not all. Like a standalone Keurig machine, the fridge also has the ability to dispense hot water. It’s perfect for tea drinkers or for a bowl of instant oatmeal. You can even use the GE Kitchen App to schedule brewing, so you can have your hot beverage waiting for you in the morning. The app connects to your Amazon Alexa device so having an at-home barista is just one voice command away.

There's even good news for eco-minded coffee drinkers. While K-Cups are known to contribute to plastic waste, Keurig is taking some steps to be more sustainable. They plan to make every K-Cup pod recyclable by 2020, and coffee brand Keurig Green Mountain already has a recyclable pod available for use.

Of course, all that luxury does come at a price. Budding baristas will have to shell out $3,266 to get the GE Café fridge in their homes. It might be well worth it, however, to a caffeinated homeowner who loves a clutter-free kitchen!


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