These Top-Rated Storage Bins Are the Secret to a Tidy Fridge

You can get a four-piece set for less than $30.
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We've all fallen victim to a messy, sticky, or unorganized fridge at some point in our lives. After all, it's easy to forget what's in your fridge when you can't see it, resulting in spoiled mystery foods past the point of recognition.

Because you use your refrigerator every day, it's important to keep it clean and orderly to prevent food waste and overbuying at the grocery store. Plus, when everything has its place, it's easier to find exactly what you're looking for in a hurry, when you're hungry, or both. With these clear storage bins, you can see every item in your fridge at a glance while keeping shelves tidy. Plus, you'll maximize storage space thanks to their stackable design.

food storage bins from amazon
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The storage bins come in a set of four and are available in three sizes to better organize produce, condiments, and ready-to-eat meals. For food safety, store your greens, fruits, meats, and dairy products in separate bins to prevent cross-contamination from items like raw meat.

The built-in handles make it easy to access foods while keeping the contents secure. They're made from a durable shatter-resistant and BPA-free plastic so you can place fruits and veggies directly in them worry-free. What's more, cleaning the fridge will no longer be a daunting task because the bins collect any debris or spilled liquid and can be quickly washed in the sink with warm soapy water.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers agree that these clear plastic storage bins have transformed their fridges, and the essential organizing tool has earned a five-star rating from satisfied customers.

One of the many glowing reviews claims the storage bins are "awesome for organizing the fridge," and says that they efficiently corral individual applesauce and fruit cups to make grab-and-go lunches easy.

If the most-used appliance in your kitchen is looking a bit cluttered, now is as good a time as any to start fresh with an organized space. The best-selling bins are currently on sale (starting at $26.99) and are available for free shipping with an Amazon Prime membership.