Using bread dough as an art canvas is the most satisfying way to play with your food.
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With extra time spent indoors these days, many are looking for new ways to pass the time. People are staying social through virtual game nights, learning new painting techniques, and decorating sidewalks, to name a few. Home kitchens all over the world are also getting more activity with fresh banana bread and chocolate chip cookies getting baked on the daily. A fancy cake or sweet charcuterie board can be considered works of art, but social media is proving bread can be just as colorful. The up-and-coming hashtag taking over Instagram is #focacciaart, and users are decorating their bread with fresh veggies, herbs, and more.

Focaccia is a flat, yeasted Italian bread similar in taste and texture to pizza dough. It's got a distinguished, almost tangy flavor that develops by letting the dough ferment in an overnight rise. It's usually baked on a baking stone (or sometimes a heavy skillet) to give it a crunchy exterior. A sprinkle of course salt is the original way of flavoring this bread, but it can be made in variations, including grape-rosemary and cracked black pepper. To get inspiration for your own focaccia art, here are some of the ways social media users are getting creative.

Teri of @vineyardbaker channeled her "Vincent Vandough" in 2018 long before social distancing. Since bread baking is on the rise, she decided to offer a tutorial for adults and kids alike on her website. Her mission: to offer inspiration in creating works of art on their focaccia with whatever's in the fridge.

The before and after shots by Jean of @psychook_md show how beautiful the fresh produce looks once the focaccia bread is baked to a perfect golden brown. (I've never used edible flowers before, but now I want to.)

Celina at @cfournell usually spends her time taking photographs of weddings. Her beautiful focaccia art didn't last long after snapping a photo of this beauty. The variety of peppers really makes all the colors pop in this loaf. She also blogged about her experience and shared her recipe for inspiration.

While you continue your baking therapy at home, this new art form may be your new favorite way to bake bread. You can use any focaccia recipe to get decorating. Since vegetables retain moisture, cut in small, thin pieces to prevent your bread from getting soggy. Try starting with the traditional loaf and let the kids help or go more adventurous with flavors such as bacon and olive.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
April 28, 2020
Such an inspiring idea! These days we need more ideas while being stuck at home. So beautifully done and I'm sure its delicious. Thank you for sharing.