You're used to seeing classic red, but these plants also come in a rainbow of other colors. We've picked out 5 of our favorites.

It’s poinsettia season again! Although red is the color usually associated with these plants, there are well over 100 varieties that offer more unexpected hues. Think red-and-white speckled, neon pink, soft peachy yellow, and even bright white. To help put a fresh spin on your holiday decorations, we've picked out five less common poinsettias that you'll want to track down this holiday season. You won't find these plants for sale online, but your local garden center or specialty plant nursery may have them in stock. Even if these specific varieties aren't available near you, you can still use them as inspiration for navigating the poinsettia-lined aisles and picking out a new variety to decorate with this season.

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Harlequin Red Poinsettia
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Rethink Red

Red poinsettias will never go out of style—after all, they’ve been popular for over 50 years. But if you haven’t been introduced, it’s time to meet rose poinsettias, particularly the ‘Harlequin Red’ variety. These gorgeous plants have crinkled bracts that curl under, giving the appearance of blooming red roses. You can find this type of poinsettia in pink and white, too, but ‘Harlequin Red’ is our favorite because the crimson bracts create such a festive contrast with its leaves.

Prince Pure White Poinsettia
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Pick Pure White

‘Princettia Pure White’ truly is as white as freshly fallen snow. It makes a stunning combination with just about any other color of poinsettia, including traditional red. But it also works as a centerpiece in a cool color scheme with silvers and blues.

Superba Glitter Poinsettia
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Go Glittery

Variegated leaves are a popular choice for houseplants in general, so it’s no wonder glitter-type poinsettias stand out with their flecks of cream and white on red. There are several different varieties of this type, but we especially love the new ‘Superba Glitter’ for to its large, beautiful bracts and early blooms (mid- to late November), meaning you can enjoy its speckled look well before Christmas arrives.

J’Adore Hot Pink Poinsettia
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Hello, Hot Pink

Pink is already a trendy color for houseplants and it's also popular for livening up classic Christmas decorations, too. Perhaps that's why we're drawn to ‘J’adore Hot Pink’ poinsettias, which pack a punch with their brilliant hue. It's especially fun to mix this one with other shades of pink poinsettias.

autumn leaves poinsettia variety in a decorative pot
Credit: Marty Baldwin

Hold on to Autumn

If fall's your favorite season and you’re not quite ready to let it go, ‘Autumn Leaves’ is for you. This pretty poinsettia has light orange-gold bracts reminiscent of fall foliage. This variety changes color early, so with a little planning ahead, you could include it as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving and then reuse it in your Christmas displays.

Whether you’re looking for some poinsettias for decorating your home or giving a few as gifts, nothing says you have to stick with red every year. Of course, traditional red poinsettias look fabulous alongside just about any of the other varieties you can find, so try mixing and matching to create even more impact with your poinsettia arrangements.


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