You Home Will Smell Amazing, Thanks to this Eucalyptus Subscription Service

The aromatic sprigs keep a beautiful green color for months, even out of water.

We all know that a big bouquet of flowers instantly adds gorgeous color and a wonderful aroma to your home. However, there's another plant that you probably haven't been displaying that deserves your attention: eucalyptus. The plant, which is in perfumes, natural medicine, and even household cleaners, also makes for a gorgeous centerpiece. Although your local supermarket probably doesn't have any (and you shouldn't be heading out there unnecessarily anyway), you can order an affordable monthly eucalyptus subscription from Eucalyptus Farms.

The California-based company has been growing eucalyptus for more than 47 years, so they know a thing or two about how to do it. With the service, you'll receive a bouquet of 12 to 14 seasonal eucalyptus springs that are each 18 to 20 inches long. (Your box will include Silver Dollar, Willow, or Baby Blue eucalyptus, or a mix of all three.) Each bunch costs $12, plus $7.50 for two-day shipping. The company also offers $5 off your first order.

Eucalyptus stems in a vase on a wooden surface
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If you've never had fresh eucalyptus in your home, don't worry, because you'll get detailed care instructions. Once you receive your shipment, you'll want to trim the bottoms of your stalks. Then, you can choose to showcase them however you'd like. The site notes that each order is enough for one big bouquet or two smaller ones depending on your preference. (You could also combine them with flowers for a unique display.) Another popular idea is to hang them from your showerhead for a spa-like experience.

The Eucalyptus Farms website notes that the stalks will "stay fresh and fragrant" in water for about a week, and then they'll start to dry out. However, dried eucalyptus stays green and doesn't shrivel, so you can continue to show it off for months to come. You can also run the dehydrated plants under warm water to re-release the refreshing scent.

After signing up, you have the option to skip a month or give a month's order to someone else. (You can also cancel your subscription at any time without a fee.) The site also offers 3, 6, or 12-month gift options if you know someone who'd enjoy eucalyptus bouquets. Whether you purchase them for yourself a friend, they're a beautiful, aromatic way to freshen up your space.

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