Electric blankets are a favorite winter accessory, but make sure you're using one safely with expert tips from Mr. Electric.


Electric blankets are a savior for those who just can’t seem to get warm on cold winter nights. With electrical wires sewn between fabric panels, it can heat up an entire bed quickly and evenly. Talk about a cozy night!

While electric blankets have greatly improved in style and efficiency over the years, there’s still one thing that remains a concern: safety. As with any electrical product, safety risks are a part of owning an electric blanket, but you can enjoy your heated bed without worry as long as you follow a few simple precautions.

The experts at Mr. Electric provided us with advice on how to enjoy electric blankets the safe way. Mr. Electric is a part of the Neighborly company and is an electrical services provider for residential and commercial properties. Check out the top electric blanket dos and don’ts below.

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Do: Place the Blanket Over You

It’s important to sleep under your electric blanket, not on top of it. The blanket is threaded with internal coils, which could get damaged if too much weight is placed on them. Also make sure that there aren’t any pillows, books, or stuffed animals piled on top of the blanket while in use—their weight could block the heat from escaping under the blanket.

Don't: Fall Asleep with Your Blanket On

Aside from waking up in a pool of sweat, falling asleep with your electric blanket on is unsafe because it could overheat. This is especially dangerous to infants or people with disabilities, who can’t control the heating source themselves. Some electric blankets are rated for safe overnight use, but do so with caution.

Do: Turn the Blanket Off After Use

Like a personal space heater, an electrical blanket is not something that should be on all the time. While this might seem obvious, turn it off when it’s not in use. You should also check to see if your model has an auto turn-off feature if it overheats; most do not have this.

Don't: Thread the Cord Between Mattresses

Mr. Electric experts warn to never place the cord to your electric blanket between your bed's mattress and box spring. The cord could potentially heat up and cause a devastating fire.

Do: Keep Pets Away

We love our pets as much as anybody, but for their own safety and yours, they shouldn’t be allowed on your electric blanket. Sharp claws or teeth could dig through the surface of the blanket and damage the internal wires.

Don't: Wash Your Blanket

While this may seem unsanitary, it’s very important. You should never wash, iron, or dry-clean an electrical blanket. The internal wires could be damaged in a washing machine or by the heat of an iron.


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