Just add water and microwave!

By Andrea Beck

Duncan Hines has already made mug cakes much easier to make at home, thanks to their “Perfect Size for 1” line of mini cakes. But now, they’re upping the ante by partnering with several other well-known brands to make their mug cakes even more crave-worthy.

Image courtesy of Walmart
Image courtesy of Walmart

Three brand new flavors have rolled out this month, thanks to partnerships with Oreo, Chips Ahoy, and Honey Maid. Oreo fans can now buy a single-serving cookies and crème cake mix with Oreo cookie pieces to sprinkle on top. The Chips Ahoy version also comes with cookie pieces, but paired with a chocolate chip cake mix. Finally, you can also find a s’mores cake mix that has Honey Maid graham cracker pieces to add.

Image courtesy of Hy-Vee

Unlike the other cakes in the “Perfect Size for 1” line, these three new cakes come with their own cup. Previously, Duncan Hines’s other single-serving cakes have been sold in boxes that each come with four bags of mug cake mix—meaning you’d have to pour the mix into your own mug, add water, and microwave. These cookie and s’more-inspired cakes are sold individually, and you can add water and microwave them right in their cup, so you won’t have to dirty an extra dish. And according to the packaging, they’ll be ready to eat after just a minute in the microwave.

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Ready to dash out and buy them now? So far, all three new flavors have been spotted at Hy-Vee, and on the grocery delivery app Instacart for Kroger and Ralph’s (so you’ll probably find them in-store there, too). The Chips Ahoy and Oreo flavors have also been added to Walmart’s website, though they’re not available for order or in-store pickup just yet (but they should be hitting shelves soon).

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As far as price goes, Duncan Hines other “Perfect Size for 1” products usually cost around $2.99 for a four pack of single-serving cake mixes, so these mug cakes shouldn’t break the bank either. While you wait to spot them at a store near you, Duncan Hines has 25 other mug cakes to choose from, so you shouldn’t ever be without a super easy, delicious dessert option.



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