New research shows your daily Starbucks routine may actually help you sleep longer and better.


If sleeping soundly isn’t your strong suit, cutting out caffeine is often the first suggested solution to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. While this certainly seems logical, new research suggests that drinking an energizing cup of coffee or tea during the day actually improves your sleep cycle and helps you stay asleep longer. Hold on—the Starbucks habit we can’t quit is actually helping us sleep better? According to science, the answer is yes.

Woman sleeping at home in her bed

A new report from the Sleep Cycle Institute (responsible for the popular Sleep Cycle app) outlines the sleep patterns of more than 148 million Americans over the last four years, and the results are fascinating. In addition to emphasizing what we already know—like the fact that exercise contributes to better sleep, and that those with high stress levels don’t sleep as well as others—one surprising fact stood out to us.

The study showed that Americans who consumed coffee or tea during the day reported better sleep quality. On average, daytime coffee and tea drinkers slept an average of six minutes longer, and their overall sleep quality improved by about one percent.

So while drinking a cup of joe won’t change your sleep cycle astronomically, it’s reassuring to know that one cup during the day isn’t detrimental to your sleeping habits. In addition to keeping up with your coffee habit, these 8 editor-approved products can help you achieve your deepest sleep yet.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
March 16, 2019
this article doesn't say anything about drinking coffee late in the afternoon or at night.Does it matter ?