There's one classic Christmas activity they do every single season.

By Drew and Jonathan Scott
October 07, 2019

Growing up, the holidays in our household were always about three things: love, cheer, and family. Although we now have our own separate spaces, we both still honor the same traditions of our childhoods. We even use those memories to influence our holiday decorating. Here are some of our favorite holiday traditions.

Credit: Courtesy of Drew and Jonathan Scott

1. The More Music, The Merrier

Anyone who knows us can attest to the fact that we're all about music. We love to karaoke, and during the holidays, we have a blast singing Christmas carols with our families. We always have a karaoke spot stationed right by the Christmas tree ready to go with all the holiday hits. We sing all sorts of traditional tunes, but anything Bing Crosby is always the top pick. And don't worry, we don't just keep our performances confined to our homes—we also go caroling. We'll stop by all our neighbors and friends' places and belt out our favorite songs.

Credit: Courtesy of Drew and Jonathan Scott

2. Season's Greetings

Every December, like many people, we receive greeting cards from our friends and families. Instead of throwing them away, we actually make our own decorations out of them. We either string them together and hang them across a wall like a garland, or we cut snowflakes out of them. (Yes, just like those paper decorations we all made as children.) This is something we started doing when we were kids and still do to this day. When your loved ones come over, it's pretty cool to be able to show them the finished product.

Credit: Courtesy of Drew and Jonathan Scott

3. Trimming the Tree

In our new Scott Living holiday collection at Kohl's, we drew inspiration from all our cherished traditions to create some of the items in our line. Our mom always had these beautiful reindeer figurines she'd display, so we created our own reindeer ornament and bronze deer accent piece. As kids, we used to make our own ornaments, so we knew we had to have a selection in our line. A few of our favorites are the ceramic stag head and the cutout star. Oh, and we can't forget about the handyman Jonathan and dressed-up Drew ornaments!

The holidays can be crazy and stressful, but it's so important to celebrate old traditions and make new memories with our families. We're always looking to bring people together and have a good time. To us, that's what the season is all about.

As told to Jennifer Aldrich.

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