Dot's Pretzels Is Releasing a New Flavor for the First Time Ever

Fans of their original recipe have been waiting seven years for this new snack.

Dot's Pretzels are considered to be some of the best, even though they've only been around since 2012. With headquarters in North Dakota, Dot's Pretzels has rapidly gained popularity thanks to their thick, twisted pretzels coated in a slightly sweet, slightly spicy seasoning. In fact, their original seasoning has become so popular among Dot's fans that they've started making their own rub for pork, chicken, and fish based on their secret recipe. But now, for the first time ever, Dot's is planning to add a new flavor to its lineup.

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Courtesy of Dot's Pretzels

Recently, Dot's announced on their Instagram that they're officially launching a second flavor of pretzels in 2020. The new flavor is called Dot's Southwest Style Pretzels, and that's really all the info we have about their flavor for now. We're guessing they'll probably be a little spicier than the original recipe, but we may never know exactly what goes into the coating—they've kept their first seasoning a secret for seven years, after all.

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According to the post on Dot's account, the new pretzels will officially launch in spring 2020. However, super fans of Dot's Pretzels might be able to track them down a little sooner than that. It looks like Dot's is planning to release the new flavor to a test market in the fall of 2019. We're not sure exactly where they'll be, but Velva, North Dakota, the site of Dot's home plant, might be a good guess. They also have factories in Arizona and Kansas, so you could potentially see them pop up early near those locations, too.

If you've never heard of or tried Dot's Pretzels before, we can attest that you're seriously missing out. The family-owned business started with Dorothy Henke, who made the pretzels for family and friends. Then, she started selling them at flag football games, and after all the rave reviews, decided to begin selling them commercially. Dot's Pretzels was officially founded in 2012, and they're now sold in 48 states.

Dot's has certainly expanded from their days as homemade pretzels. You can find the pretzels at grocery stores like Hy-Vee, and at national retailers like Target. We might have a long wait ahead of us to try Dot's first new flavor, but you can stock up on the original recipe in the meantime.

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