The Lakeville Police Department weren’t expecting to find two dogs at the end of a 911 call. See how the pups got hold of the emergency line.

By Hannah Bruneman

A police department in Lakeville, Minnesota had an interesting turn of events last week. Two local dogs took it upon themselves to call 911 from their owner’s cell phone not once, not twice, but 16 times.

Doggone right.

two dogs looking at camera
Image courtesy of FOX 9 Lakeville, Minnesota.

According to a FOX 9 report, the incident drove two of Lakeville, Minnesota’s best to check out the bandits who kept dialing the emergency line.

Officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares went to investigate the 911 hang-up call. They explained in most hang-up situations, homeowners greet you at the door. But this time, two dogs were the only ones in sight.

Just before the officers cleared the call, dispatch let them know additional 911 calls were coming from the residence (16 to be exact!). The only thing heard on the other end was barking.

The officers reached out to the homeowner, who granted them permission to check out the scene of the crime. Inside, a cell phone was sitting on a desk, set to emergency call only mode.

Theoretically, little Remy and Bomber could have easily hit the phone with their paws to make the calls.

“Our assumption is the dogs were having a rough day and it was the dogs that were seeking assistance through 911,” Officer Roberts said to FOX 9.

The local news station even paid a visit to Remy and Bomber for a quote. Maybe they’re just camera shy, but the dogs didn’t seem to be as talkative as they were with the dispatcher on the phone.

Lesson learned. Leave your dogs a chew toy or tug rope to keep them satisfied when you’re gone. If you don’t, they may take it upon themselves to risk being caught red-pawed and report you to the authorities.


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