Because even furry friends get stressed.

By Jessica Bennett
October 23, 2019
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Weighted blankets can work wonders for those who struggle with anxiety. And that includes four-legged friends, too. Thanks to a weighted blanket specially made for your dog, even the most nervous pups can rest easier.

Called the Canine Coddler, this calming solution is designed to provide gentle pressure and a sense of security for restless pets. It’s ideal for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or a fear of thunderstorms, car rides, fireworks, and other common pet stressors.

Courtesy of Amazon

According to the company, the veterinarian-approved wrap offers a sensation comparable to a hug, which helps reduce stress and soothe the dog’s mood. The product is described as an easy-to-use alternative to other calming remedies such as sedative treats, tranquilizer pills, or pet vests.

Filled with non-toxic PVC pellets, the Canine Coddler comes in two weights created for canines of different sizes. The version for small to medium dogs weighs about 5 pounds, and the option for larger, 50-plus-pound dogs weighs around 7 pounds. Both blankets measure 36x48 inches and feature a removable, machine-washable cover, making cleanup easy when accidents happen.

Still not convinced about the merits of weighted dog blankets? The Amazon reviews speak for themselves. One pet owner calls it their “miracle blanket.” Another reviewer writes that their terrier’s severe separation anxiety used to disrupt the entire household’s sleeping routine. After trying (and failing with) various other fixes, they say “this blanket has all of us sleeping through the night again.”

If your dog suffers from severe anxiety or behavioral issues, consult a vet before using a weighted blanket. And if the blanket doesn’t work for your dog, you can return the product for a 100% money-back guarantee. So you don’t have much to lose, besides some extra stress for you and your furry companion.


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