Watch the brassy and sassy women of the hit sitcom on Hulu come August 26—which just also happens to be Women's Equality Day.

By Rachel Wermager
August 12, 2019

Designing Women is known for its strong, outspoken female cast, so it’s only fitting that its streaming debut will be on Women’s Equality Day. Starting August 26, Hulu will offer all seasons of the workplace comedy, which ran on CBS from 1986 to 1993.

cast of designing women
Image courtesy of Fotos International/Getty Images.

The series follows Julia Sugarbaker (played by Dixie Carter), who runs a design firm out of her Atlanta home with help from her former beauty-queen sister Suzanne (played by Delta Burke), Mary Jo, a divorced single mother (played by Annie Potts), and Charlene, who’s known for being a naïve country girl (played by Jean Smart). Accompanying them is ex-con handyman Anthony Bouvier (played by Meshach Taylor), who helps out at the firm and provides a male perspective on the ladies’ personal lives.

Writer and creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason had a vision of bringing a special cast of women together to tackle things like political, social, and gender issues. Fans often remember the show for its commentary on sex, love, politics, and religion, between four fabulous women trying to balance their work, home, and dating lives. The show never shied away from tough topics, and its themes and storylines—one of the most prominent being women’s rights—continue to be applicable today.

Just last year, an ABC reboot of Designing Women—said to depict the next generation of Sugarbakers—was announced. The project is still in the works, but original creator Bloodworth-Thomason is on board.

If you appreciate unapologetic women and genius one-liners, you’ll love Designing Women. And if you’re already a huge a fan of the sitcom, we’re sure you can’t wait to watch these sassy ladies all over again—and this time, you can watch as many episodes in a row as you want!


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