The announcement comes with the release of three new summer Blizzard flavors. But they’re only here for a limited time, so act fast!

By Hannah Bruneman
May 02, 2019

Giving us the best gift of summer, Dairy Queen just announced that you can get flights of their signature Blizzard desserts. The announcement is great news for those who can never decide if they’re in the mood for a rich indulgence or want to try a fresh fruity treat. Now you can have it all. We are already re-routing our drive home to be sure to pass by a Dairy Queen location.

DQ blizzard flights
Image courtesy of Dairy Queen

They’re calling it the Mini Blizzard Treat Flight, and each order comes with three miniature-sized Blizzards. With a flight, customers can order a go-to favorite and try something new off the Dairy Queen summer menu. It’s also a great treat to try with a friend—just remember to grab multiple spoons!

When choosing three flight flavors, you can pick from new and returning Blizzard varieties. Included in the new release are three ultra-rich flavors; Caramel Cannonball, Oreo Cookie Jar, and Brownie Dough. Flavors making a summer comeback are S’mores, Cotton Candy, and Summer Berry Cheesecake.

While all six flavors will be available through the summer, the special Blizzard flights will only be offered through the month of May. And remember, even though these Blizzards come in a smaller package, they’ll still hold up to the classic upside-down test—or the next one’s free.

The Mini Blizzard Treat Flights come with the release of Dairy Queen’s new summer menu. In addition to the flights, ice-cream lovers can look forward to new Cupfections (the DQ version of a sundae), Dreamsicle Dipped Cones, and delicious chocolate and strawberry cake shakes.

We are all on board for grabbing a few friends, ordering two flights with one of each flavor, and digging in. You may even find a new go-to order. Get there before the month is up so you can create your perfect flight.


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