Don't know how to crochet? It's never too late to learn!

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If your stress levels are climbing higher the longer the pandemic goes on, there’s an easy way you can calm your mind while social distancing. Scientists say knitting and crocheting can help lower levels of stress and anxiety, so it’s no surprise that crochet projects are becoming even more popular over the last few months. Earlier this year we discovered the crochet temperature blanket trend (there’s still time to catch up if you haven’t started yours yet!) and this week we stumbled upon another colorful trend: Crochet rainbows. 

Rainbows have become a symbol of hope during the pandemic as people began displaying rainbows in windows to spread joy while self-isolating. Now, crafters across Instagram are combining the #rainbowhunt trend with the stress-relieving benefits of working with hooks and yarn. There are more than 15,600 posts tagged with #crochetrainbow on Instagram, and most of them are from the last few months. Crocheters are making colorful rainbow pillows to gift to friends struggling with social distancing alone and creating colorful rainbow window hangings to display as a message of hope and support for healthcare workers across the world. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite crochet rainbows to inspire your own creations. Brush up on the basic crochet stitches, pick up a set of hooks (a 4-pack is $8.49 at Michaels), dig through your yarn stash (if you don’t have any, skeins of yarn start at just $1.99 at Michaels), and crochet a colorful rainbow. 

Rebecca from The Secret Craft Book whipped up this gorgeous rainbow hanging last week using a pattern from Little Gems Craft Shop, and the pastel colors she chose would brighten up any space. Make a hanging like this for your neighborhood rainbow hunt or place it somewhere you'll see it every day, like the kitchen or your home office desk.

If you're looking for a way to brighten a friend's day, crochet a rainbow pillow for them; you could even make one in shades of yellow and orange to include in a sunshine box care package. Kalley from Kneedles & Love used a pattern from Poppie Joe Co to make these in a modern color scheme.

This six-color rainbow, outfitted with long yarn tassels, is sure to make a statement in any window. Nico from Mrscuddleworthy makes and sells this hanging this hanging for $9.05 on Etsy, which ships to the U.S. from the United Kingdom in just a few days. For every rainbow sold, Nico donates half the sale to a local support group for survivors of domestic abuse.

Last month, The Queen of England gave a speech in which she called out rainbows displayed in windows (as a sign of thanks for essential workers) would as a sign of hope and perseverance during the pandemic. Since then, rainbows of all kinds have been popping up in windows across the UK and the world. If you're not up for making your own, you can support a small business by purchasing a window hanging like this one for $12.93 from Laurel at Home on Etsy

Crafter Jenn DiMaria used a pattern from The Stitch Foundry to create this bright rainbow after being inspired by the number of colorful designs on her Instagram feed. She crocheted an additional loop so she could hang the design, but you can use a strand of yarn, thread, or even fishing line to hang the rainbow in your window. While children are busy drawing out rainbows with crayons and markers, you can keep your hands and mind occupied by crocheting your own rainbow window hanging as a sign of support for essential workers.

If you need a break from the overwhelming news cycle, grab your favorite yarn and take a 20-minute crochet break. Jessica from All Things I Heart said this rainbow pillow (made from a Poppie Joe Co pattern) made her feel happy and hopeful last week, and we couldn't agree more. Plus, we love the bright color scheme she chose!

You don't have to commit to a huge project like a temperature blanket or large window hanging to experience the benefits of crocheting. Amber from Farmhouse Crochet spent a few minutes making these adorable rainbow-shaped baby rattles in various color schemes, and we're feeling more inspired than ever to make rainbow-themed gifts for friends who could use a little pick-me-up right now.

No matter what kind of rainbow you crochet, taking a craft break to let your mind focus on the yarn and hook can help you escape the stress of the pandemic for a few minutes. And when you're done, you'll have a gorgeous to gift or display.


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