They've sold out two years in a row, but they're back in stock!

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated August 27, 2020
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Costco is selling a pair of sheepskin slippers that look and feel just like UGG slippers—without the hefty price tag. Last winter I got a pair for myself, and I'm here to tell you: They’re the real deal. I have worn UGG slippers and I have worn the Kirklands slippers, and I promise you the only difference between the two is the brand name. While they are out-of-this-world cozy, a pair of UGG slippers such as the Genuine Shearling Slipper ($120, Nordstrom) will cost you a good chunk of change. Luckily, Costco’s version provides the same style for just $22.

These slippers have been available in years past but garnered a lot of attention on social media a few years ago for their low price point. A scroll through the #CostcoFinds hashtag on Instagram in the fall and winter will show you just how popular these slippers are—so popular, that they've sold out two years in a row. Luckily, they started appearing at Costco locations again this week (earlier than ever!).

The Kirkland brand slippers are available in ladies' sizes 6-11, made with genuine sheepskin on the outside and have a super cozy shearling lining. So far only one color option has been spotted this season (slate gray) although black and tan have been available in years past. All Costco locations have slightly different inventory available, so we recommend making your next Costco run (or delivery order) sooner rather than later if you want to try them on in person. 

Before you head to the nearest Costco to stock up on slippers for the fam, be sure you're cooperating with the store's new safety guidelines. While the capacity limits have been lifted at most Costco locations, you are still required to wear a mask before entering the store. And if you're a first responder or healthcare provider, you can skip the line with priority access. If you don't feel comfortable going inside the store, most locations offer free delivery within a certain radius, and they can deliver anything that's in-stock in the store. I suggest calling your nearest Costco to check if they have the slippers (and be sure they have your size) before placing an online delivery order.

The slippers haven't yet made their way to the Costco website (last year you could order them online and ship them to your home), but we'll keep you updated as soon as we spot an online listing. And if you need me, I'll be snuggled up in my slippers with a steaming mug of red wine hot chocolate, watching classic Christmas movies all fall and winter—after my Costco run, of course. 


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