The four-cheese pasta is perfect for a special dinner before tricks and treats.

By Rachel Wermager
October 24, 2019

Cheese and pasta are two of the most loved comfort foods, so when we spotted this holiday-themed cheese-filled pasta (from Costco, no less), we had to learn more. Nuovo Pasta, the company behind the heart-shape cheese ravioli found at Costco last February, released a line of pumpkin- and bat-shape ravioli just in time for Halloween. Like the hearts, these spookier shapes are filled with a blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and aged asiago cheeses.

If the pasta is available in your region, make a dash to the pasta section, grab a package (or two) of this seasonal offering, and top it any way you like. We're thinking tossed in alfredo sauce with chicken, and veggies; or with a simple marinara and sprinkling of Parmesan; or in a pesto sauce with fresh tomatoes.

If you’re throwing an adult Halloween party, use this ravioli to create a simple and festive meal (we also recommend whipping up a few of our favorite quick Halloween party foods). Or, if you're looking for a quick dish to whip up before trick or treating, we're pretty sure kids will love the cute pumpkins and bats, too. Serve them to your young goblins and ghosts as a special meal before they hit the neighborhood on their annual quest for candy.

The 32-ounce package of orange pumpkins and black bats retails for $8.79 at Costco and tastes as you'd expect a savory four-cheese ravioli to taste—while looking a little creepier. When you're at the store you might also want to pick up one of these huge carving pumpkins Costco is selling to complete your fall front porch decor without emptying your wallet. 

There are so many wild (maybe even batty) seasonal foods that come out each year, but this is one cheese-and-carb loaded impulse buy you won’t regret.


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