Serve your family a love-filled meal for less than $10.


Valentine’s Day is one of my absolute favorite holidays—I love the sea of red and pink everywhere, the lifesize teddy bears in the aisles of stores, gorgeous bouquets of roses, and most importantly: heart-shape everything. Specifically, foods made in the iconic shape seem to be ever-popular like heart-shaped pizzas, chocolates, waffles, and even cheese

Last year was the first year I spotted Costco’s heart-shape ravioli in the refrigerated section and was not disappointed in the cheese-filled pasta when I tried it for myself. The delicious Italian four-cheese blend and reasonable price tag—only $9.79—speaks for itself as to why the festive meal is such a crowd favorite. The quick and easy cooking also adds to its appeal. Just bring a pot of water to a boil, toss in the ravioli, let it cook until the pasta is to your liking, and add your sauce and any additional toppings.

When I made the pasta I paired it with a simple marinara sauce and sprinkled some extra Parmesan cheese on top—because you can never have enough cheese in my opinion. Half the package was enough to feed myself and a friend, so I would wager cooking all of it could feed a family of four at the very least. The ravioli are adorable and make for a great comfort meal during the chilly month of February. 

If you're like me and can’t get enough of the lovey-dovey atmosphere Valentine's Day brings, this heart-shape ravioli from Costco will surely fill you up with that warm and cozy feeling that only the romantic holiday, and cheese, can.


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