Holiday dessert, check!

By Sheena Chihak

Costco has done it again! This time they're saving you from holiday baking with their heat-and-eat Colossal Cookie.

According to the Instagram account, Costco Buys, this nearly three pound cookie package can be found in the freezer section for only $7.99. The box contains not one, but two giant cookies that are warm and ready to serve in about 10 minutes (well, after that annoying pre-heating time). Slice into wedges, cut into cookie bars, and if you're feeling extra festive, bust out the cookie cutters to make shapes so it looks like you baked from scratch. Check out our Holiday Cookie Pizza to see how you can dress up the giant cookie with melted peanut butter and candies to be the standout of your holiday dessert table.

Chocolate chunk is the only flavor we've seen, but honestly, it's the only flavor we need. If you're having trouble finding this monster cookie, we feel your pain, like many Costco products it sounds like it's only available in certain regions. If you find it, grab it to make Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and all the upcoming holidays a breeze.

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you live in an area without this dessert on shelves, you can make a homemade version of the cookie that'll still save you scooping and baking a dozen at a time with this skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe.


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