Time to make (a lot of) space in your pantry!

We hope your New Year’s resolution was to eat more Nutella, because if so, one of Costco’s newest products is sure to help you achieve it. That’s right, everyone’s go-to store for buying in bulk is now selling an absolutely massive tub of Nutella that weighs nearly 7 pounds (and holds 81 servings).

White 6.6 pound tub of Nutella
Image courtesy of Costco

That comes out to 105.6 ounces of chocolatey-hazelnut goodness. By comparison, a normal jar of Nutella is only about 13 ounces, so Costco’s giant tub is equal to just over 8 regular jars of Nutella. If you’re anything like us and can go through a jar of Nutella in just a few days, then buying in bulk doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Of course, you will have to sacrifice a decent amount of space in your pantry to store this behemoth.

You can save a few dollars by buying all your Nutella for the next few months at once, too. This 6.6 pound tub is currently going for $21.99 on Costco’s website, and it might be available at your local Costco for even less. If you do decide to get it delivered, there’ll be an additional $3.00 fee, but it’ll arrive at your door in just 2 days—but if you find it at one of Costco’s stores and lug it all the way out to your car, we give you permission to count it as your workout for the day.

According to Ferrero’s website, Nutella will last for about 12 months even after being open (including the 6.6 pound size!), so if you want, you can make this tub last until January 2020. We definitely see a lot of Nutella toast in your future, along with Nutella cookies, Nutella cakes, and every other Nutella recipe you can imagine.


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