Numbers collected from tax returns reveal the top ten occupation pairings for married couples. See which popular jobs top the list.


They say you find love in the most unexpected places. And that place might just be where you spend 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday through Friday.

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That’s right, office romances are real—and more for some occupations than others. H&R Block recently conducted a study based on data from 2017 tax returns. The collected data came from 596,000 people who filed Married Filing Jointly with H&R Block, either online or in-person in 2018. Retirees, homemakers, and students were excluded from the data.

From the couples categorized as "Married Filing Jointly," the study revealed an interesting correlation between spouses and their occupations. It appears your job can bring you more than just income—it could give you a partner for life!

Out of the top 10 most common occupation pairings between spouses, the top six were of the same trade.

  1. Teacher + Teacher
  2. Laborer + Laborer
  3. Manager + Manager
  4. Military + Military
  5. Self Employed + Self Employed
  6. Sales + Sales
  7. Manager + Teacher
  8. Sales + Teacher
  9. Engineer + Teacher
  10. Engineer + Engineer

Teachers topped the list as the most likely to marry each other, while couples who were both laborers, managers, military personnel, self-employed, and sales personnel followed.

And we can certainly understand the benefit of being in a relationship with someone of the same occupation. Teachers can likely empathize when their partner has to stay up late grading papers. Self-employed workers understand the weekend hours that go into having a full or side hustle. Plus, you might have a free ride to work, which is a win for you and the environment!

With all this in mind, it’s still unacceptable to make unsolicited advances at work. Avoid a call from the HR department and let your love flourish outside your job.


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