The living room furniture piece comes in a single box you can carry up the stairs by yourself. Moving day has never been easier.

By Hannah Bruneman
July 09, 2019

If you’ve ever hauled a sofa up a flight (or five) of stairs, you know the struggle. Some stairwells—not to mention doorways—just weren’t made for moving large furniture. But finally, there's a sofa solution for tight quarters. Following the success of boxed mattress companies comes Elephant In A Box. No, it’s not a toy for your children, but rather a foldable, expandable sofa. The technology looks similar to an accordion, and we are completely enthralled.

Image courtesy of Elephant In A Box.

The sofa—including cushions—arrives at your doorstep in a box that's about 27 x 38 x 18 inches. Unpackaged, it first looks like two arm pieces pushed together. To assemble, grab a partner and pull the pieces apart, and a honeycomb-like material will begin to expand. This will be the base of your sofa, and though it might look frail, it can hold up to 1,900 pounds. Once expanded to its full size of 87-2/5 inches (a typical three-seat sofa is between 78 and 86 inches wide), snap on the back, footboard, and cushions. Assembly takes just five minutes and there are no screws, nails, or wrenches required. The assembled sofa looks like something straight out of a big-box home decor store—no one will know that they’re actually sitting on a portable design inspired by aviation technology.

The condensed design is ideal for apartments or tiny homes for obvious reasons, but the company promises Elephant In A Box sofas are an alternative to traditional furniture models, too. The sofa can be collapsed and stored when not in use, making it a handy solution for temporary guests or college dorms. The foam cushions come in three colors—light gray, dark gray, and dark blue—and the polyester fabric is easy to clean. If you have a move on the horizon, this is a stress-free way to avoid hauling more heavy furniture than necessary.

Image courtesy of Elephant In A Box.

The company is still in its early stages, with the sofa only available on fundraising platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However, the project has been fully funded, with 93 backers pledging $38,710 since their Kickstarter launch in May 2019. Want to get your hands on this innovative sofa? You’ll have to wait a little bit before you can kick back on it. The estimated delivery is September 2019, unless you pledge for the $718 living room set package, which comes with early shipping in August.

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Image courtesy of Elephant In A Box.

After the fundraising early bird deals are gone, the sofa will retail for $899. The company also offers a matching ottoman, which will sell for $159 and is made with the same collapsible material.

Since the backers of Elephant In A Box have yet to receive their products, we can't yet report on reviews. But we expect to see a lot more furniture companies expanding our expectations on how furniture is built, shipped, and assembled.



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