And you can have them shipped to you or your loved one's doorstep!

By Rachel Wermager
February 07, 2019

We already know where to find conversation heart-shaped donuts and assorted heart-shaped cheeses for Valentine’s Day, so it’s only fitting that you can now get your favorite frosting-drizzled, cinnamon sweet in the shape of a heart.

Cinnabon has released two Valentine’s CinnaPacks this year that feature their BonBites or MiniBons in heart-shaped packaging. The only catch: the cinnamon rolls themselves are the same regular Cinnabons, just packaged with love.

Photo courtesy of Cinnabon

You can gift a Cinnabon Heart Pack to all your loved ones with shipping to anywhere in the United States, thanks to Cinnabon’s website. The rolls are shipped standard overnight via FedEx, and are baked fresh, frozen to retain freshness and then assembled in their custom packaging.

The two Heart Packs include either nine MiniBons or 16 BonBites and the boxes come decorated with a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message. All of their cinnamon roll packages come with extra frosting to drizzle as much onto your cinnamon roll as you like.

Cinnabon’s ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls will be available in the Heart Packs until February 20, giving you plenty of time to order online or pick one up at your nearest store to enjoy.

If you’re looking for other ship-able foods to send this Valentine’s Day, check out these edible bouquets to help make this the sweetest, and tastiest, time of the year.


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