Deck Your Holiday Table with Butter Shaped Like a Christmas Tree

We're really spreading Christmas cheer this year. (Get it? Spreading.)

The Christmas tree is decorated, presents are being wrapped, and cookies are baking. With the holidays in full swing, we're preparing to set our tables with a side of festive Christmas tree-shape butter. If you're planning upcoming holiday parties or Christmas brunch, this mini centerpiece will be a fun addition to impress your guests.

Made by Keller's Creamery, the Christmas tree butter stands on its own with four visible evergreen tree branch layers. The tree is a 4-ounce sculpture (which amounts to 8 tablespoons, the same as a boring old stick of butter) and is made from only two natural ingredients: cream and salt. Keller's also proudly touts all of its products are certified Kosher and made with milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.

butter shaped like christmas tree on a plate
Courtesy of Keller's Creamery

Keller's Creamery is known for making our holiday tables a little more festive with intricately-shaped butter. We recently gobbled up our rolls and turkey-shape butter for Thanksgiving, and we plan to bring out the creamery's cute bunny sculpture in the spring for our Easter feast.

With the same amount of butter as a normal-shaped stick of plain butter, you may want to grab a couple of these trees if you're feeding a crowd or have that one guest coming who likes a little bread with their butter. It's currently listed to order in limited areas on Instacart, but will be available at retailers listed on Keller's product locator this month. We're hoping to see it on the shelves of some of our favorite grocery stores this December in time to go with some cranberry-nut bread on Christmas morning.

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