A crew for HGTV has been hard at work renovating the house the  Brady Bunch used for exterior shots, to mimic the interiors on the show. Here's how you and six guests can win a stay in the remodeled home. (Alice not included.)

By Hannah Bruneman
July 24, 2019

Few sets are as iconic as the home from Brady Bunch. With its floating staircase and striking orange kitchen, the split-level family home is hard to forget. Even the decor—wood credenzas, plastic chairs, and wallpaper galore—continues to be popular today.

So, when HGTV announced that they bought the property used for home exterior shots, fans got excited. The network will premiere a new series in September called A Very Brady Renovation where celebrity designers come together to renovate the home to look identical to the show’s set. But the latest Brady Bunch update is perhaps the most exciting of all. With renovations coming to a close, HGTV announced a fan contest in which the winner and six friends get to stay five nights in the house. All your dreams of lining up for a photo op on the staircase can finally come true!

brady bunch group outside of house
Image courtesy of HGTV.

It doesn’t take much to enter the contest. From now until September 11, hopeful contestants can submit a 30- to 90-second video explaining in the grooviest way why they deserve to be chosen. HGTV will choose nine finalists and the winner will be left up to a public vote at HGTV.com/Brady.

The grand prize stay will take place from December 9-15 of this year. The winner and their guests will also receive airfare to fly them to the Los Angeles property, along with a “curated LA tourist experience,” according to HGTV. They’ll even throw in a cool $25,000 cash prize for the winner.

For a Brady Bunch fan, it all seems too good to be true. The only thing that could make this dream package better is if it came with bell-bottoms and platform shoes, too!


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