How Queer Eye's Design Expert Avoids Kitschy Holiday Decorating

Deck the halls with style as we talk with Queer Eye's Bobby Berk about non-traditional holiday décor and how to make it last past December.

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As you’ve probably noticed, Santa figurines and artificial wreaths have turned your local craft stores into tinsel town. It’s sensory overload, to say the least. Instead of diving head-first into Christmas tchotchkes and mistletoe, this year we're taking a subtler approach to winter décor. But where to begin?

We turned to Bobby Berk, a celebrity interior designer who rose to fame as the design expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, for help with our holiday decorating. Fans will instantly recognize his modern industrial style and his avid use of blue. See what Bobby has to say about classic red and green color schemes, plus his biggest holiday décor pet peeve.

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Set a Winter Color Palette

Just like your wardrobe changes with the seasons, your home décor should be updated with a winter color palette. If you’ve stuck with red and green in the past, consider something new like blue, crisp white, or plum.

Bobby has a tip to make any color scheme more seasonal. “For me, when it comes to holiday, if you put a little bit of gold in there, a little bit of silver—no matter what color you’re using—it just automatically becomes holiday," says Bobby. This year, he's using blue, green, and gold in his winter color scheme.

Hanging new artwork is a simple way to bring metallic accents into your home. Bobby shared two of his favorite pieces from, each in a sturdy gold frame, below. Plus, art is a lot easier to store than bulky garlands or figures. Just slide it under your bed for safe-keeping when it's no longer in season!

Buy It: Gold & Silver Foil Stripes, $218.49

Buy It: Silver & Gold Foil Stripes, $218.49


Forget Holiday Decor Trends

When it comes to trends, Bobby says look the other way. Or, rather, look to what makes you happy. Instead of decorating with what Pinterest says is in this season, shop with an open mind and buy art and accents that speak to you.

“When you wake up in the morning, and you see that piece on the wall, if you don’t smile, then you picked the wrong piece,” Bobby said. “And if you’re basing it on what a bunch of other designers like me tell you, you’re not really loving it—you’re doing what you think is supposed to be done.”

One trend Bobby will definitely avoid this season: Glitter. He attributes his distaste for glitter to the mess it makes. One glitter-adorned wreath will dust your entire entryway with a shimmer that’ll last until summer.

As mentioned, Bobby is a big fan of the color blue, though red and green tend to dominate December. He explained it as a happy, soothing color year-round. is currently offering 50 percent off blue and metallic art prints, including one piece recommended by Bobby himself.

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Make Your Holiday Décor Last Longer

Focusing on timeless seasonal décor instead of trendy holiday trinkets is easy on your wallet too. Instead of rushing to rid your house of Santa before the New Year, you can leave up winter décor until spring. Having art and accents that last all season means less to buy and less to store.

“One of my favorites is ‘Composition With Red, Blue, and Yellow,’” Bobby explained. “It has a big piece of red in it. Obviously red screams holiday to some people, but it also has a little bit of blue.” When December passes, art like this will look perfectly normal in your home for the remainder of the season.

In addition to art, you can swap out Christmas trinkets on your mantel with candles, lanterns, and natural elements. Little changes like this will give your home a cozy winter feel that can extend past the holidays.

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