This Boho Egg Chair from Walmart Transformed My Room Into an Island Oasis

It's even been recognized as one of Like to Know's most-loved items of 2022.

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Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Stationary Wicker Egg Chair
Photo: Courtesy of Walmart

When I moved to Hawaii last year, I ditched my sleek New York City room decor for a boho island look. It was so fun finding pieces that reflected the relaxed, contemplative lifestyle that I created for myself out here as a writer and yoga instructor—and as a result, my room is filled with plants, crystals, white linen, natural light, and lots of books.

After ordering a new rug and bed, it was time to address the gaping hole in the corner of my room, and finally fulfill my months-long fantasy of having my very own egg chair to journal, read, and play the ukulele in. I searched on Amazon and Facebook Marketplace with no luck in achieving my vision, until finally, in March I discovered the Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Wicker Egg Chair from Walmart.

It was everything I was searching for and more, and transformed my room into the island oasis of my dreams thanks to its wicker canopy and plush cushions. It is quite literally my favorite place to chill.

The egg chair is 37.5 by 42 by 58.5 inches and weighs about 45 pounds, which I will admit was slightly larger than I had anticipated. It comes in a huge box with three main pieces to assemble. Because I am only one person, I found it easiest to open up the box in my driveway and take each piece in separately. Then, assembly was so easy—it took me less than an hour using all of the tools provided. The biggest struggle was that some of the holes didn't align exactly, but with some wiggling and elbow grease I was able to match all of the parts together. Once set up, I placed the four white polyester seat cushions on the chair, and it was ready to be used.

The chair is perfect for one person to spread out—it's spacious inside, even with the pillows. You could definitely fit two people if you curl up or rest your feet on a floor cushion. I love to lay completely inside of the chair and prop my legs up against the side of the wicker, which is a nice lymphatic release that's quite comfortable.

Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Stationary Wicker Egg Chair
Courtesy of Walmart

Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Wicker Egg Chair, $347, Walmart

Whether you're sitting inside or outside, the Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Wicker Egg Chair will create an eclectic style that's so cozy for guests to enjoy. Since I brought this cute chair into my room a few months ago, I can't stop getting compliments from friends about how nice it looks in my room—not to mention how comfortable it is to sit in. If you want to place it outside on a lanai or in the backyard, the metal frame is completely rust-proof, which is a huge plus for rainy summer days ahead.

Like me, Walmart shoppers love the wicker egg chair, too. Reviewers say it's spacious, comfortable, and stylish, while others praise it for being easy to put together in as little as 30 minutes. The Ventura chair has even recently been recognized by Like to Know, a popular social shopping platform, as one of the most-loved products of 2022.

Shop the Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Wicker Egg Chair at Walmart now.

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