15 Best New Home Products That Are Guaranteed to Make Life Easier

Because let's face it: We could all use a little help at home.

We're always on the hunt for smart, innovative products that will make life even a little bit easier. Whether it's a drawer organizer that tames the utensil tangle, a vacuum that doubles as a mop, or adhesive floor tiles that dress up a room in minutes, our roundup of best new home products has all the sanity-saving shortcuts you need.

BHG Smart Picks

This year, we kicked off a new program called Better Homes & Gardens Smart Picks. Smart Picks was created to help sift through thousands of new product introductions (oftentimes before they're available to the mass market) and hand-select the best of the best to make your life and home operate smoother. From appliances to cleaning tools, these 15 products from the International Home and Housewares Show are what we predict to make your life a little better.

slower cooker dropout
Image courtesy Gourmia.

1. Most-Improved Appliance

If you thought the Instant Pot was good, a multicooker is even better. Who can argue with a single appliance that covers all your set-it-and-forget-it needs? Gourmia has officially changed the multicooker game with a refrigeration feature that keeps food cool and fresh until it's time for the cooking features to kick on. In the morning, prep your ingredients and preset the cooking features, or control the multicooker through its app. Dinner will be waiting for you when you get home.

Available late 2019: Gourmia Coolcooker Multicooker

robot vacuum dropout
Image courtesy Ecovacs.

2. Best Multitasker

The Deetbot Ozmo 960 is the smart cleaning tool your home's been missing. The cordless vacuum senses more than just stairs and walls: It also identifies and avoids everything from loose chargers to errant socks, plus it adjusts for hard floors versus carpets and rugs. Did we mention its new mopping feature? Simply add water to the reservoir and add a microfiber cloth to the underside of the vacuum to give hard floors a no-hands wipe-down.

Available July 2019: Ecovacs Deetbot Ozmo 960

teal kitchenaid mixer with floral bowl
Image courtesy of KitchenAid. Courtesy of KitchenAid

3. Best Upgrade to a Classic

Like hardworking sculptures for the countertop, KitchenAid stand mixers have long been an adulthood rite of passage. They last forever, so while you likely won't update the mixer itself anytime soon, KitchenAid's newest selection of mixing bowls give your existing model a whole new look for less than $100. Choose from a mix of metallic designs and colorful floral patterns.

Available spring 2019: KitchenAid Mixing Bowls

herb growing kit
Image courtesy SeedSheet.

4. Most Likely to Encourage You to Cook

Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur, pizza-lover, or an avid home chef, Seedsheets have a curated selection of seeds that are easy to plant, grow, and maintain. Each kit comes with a fabric planter bag, soil, and seeds perfectly spaced in dissolvable covers. Place the Seedsheet on the soil, water, and watch the seed covers dissolve. With your seeds planted, all you have to do is wait for text alerts that help you know when to water, when to harvest, and what recipes work best with your selection of plants.

Buy It: Grow Your Own Herbs Seedsheet, $50

adorn adhesive flooring from con-tact
Image courtesy Con-Tact.

5. Easiest Home Upgrade

Removable and repositionable, vinyl decals are the dream fix for lackluster rented spaces or floors that could use a revamp without a big renovation budget. Although there are many patterns available, we can't get enough of these yellow diamonds. Try them as a modern update for farmhouse-inspired spaces needing a little color or as a warm-up for mod rooms. Best of all, they hold up in high-traffic environments like entryways.

Buy It: Con-Tact Floor Adorn, Six 12x12-inch tiles, $60

hanging planters in front of window
Image courtesy Umbra.

6. Best Window Dressing

You might have noticed: houseplants are having a moment. This three-tier hanging planter steps in once all your surfaces have been taken over or if you're adding some new trailing or vining specimens. The sleek black-and-white planter is especially ideal for plants that need a lot of light.

Buy It: Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter, $36

outdoor broom
Image courtesy Casabella.

7. Best Way to Clean Your Patio

It's almost spring, and our thoughts are turning to patio living. Get your space ready to go with this broom that has a little tweak to the norm: heavy-duty vinyl bristles. The strong, flexible material stands up to rough surfaces, like textured stone and brick, and makes short work of last winter's decaying leaves and dirt.

Buy It: Casabella Outdoor All-Surface Broom, $16

sensory garbage can
Image courtesy SimpleHuman.

8. Smartest Garbage Can

A lidded garbage can is a must for open-concept kitchens, dog owners, or anyone who simply doesn't want to look at their growing trash pile. This dual-zone can, which features 34 liters for garbage and 24 liters for recycling, responds to motion when you approach with hands full. Or better yet, it can also open on voice command. No more stress over transporting that just-about-to-rip used coffee filter!

Buy It: SimpleHuman Dual Rectangular Sensor Can, $315

Image courtesy of Joseph Joseph.

9. Best Use of Drawer Space

Kitchen drawers have more potential than we give them credit for—use every square inch to your advantage! This angled utensil organizer is only 15-1/2 inches deep, 4-1/2 inches wide, and 2-1/4 inches tall, but it can hold your silverware in tiers that leave space for serving utensils, garlic presses, and any other kitchen utensils that need a home.

Buy It: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Cutlery Organizer, $15

jotblock watercolor tray
Image courtesy Three by Three.

10. Most Likely to Stoke Creativity

Sometimes, the setup required for an art project can be enough to talk you out of it altogether. This watercolor kit keeps everything you need to get going right at hand: Thick 10x14-inch paper, watercolor paints, and brushes. And it looks great sitting out on your desk or as a coffee table conversation piece.

Buy It: Three by Three JotBlock Watercolor Set, $30

Sophistiplate Farmhouse Disposable Plates and Napkins
Image courtesy Sophistiplate.

11. Best Party Upgrade

These plates and napkins prove disposable doesn't have to look basic. The paper dinner and dessert plates have the organic quality of our favorite handmade ceramics.

Available April 2019: Sophistiplate Plates and Napkins

countertop organizer
Image courtesy of Yamazaki.

12. Best Use of Counter Space

Not every kitchen is blessed with ample storage. If your drawers or cabinets are overflowing, reach for this countertop wire grid. No dreaded mounting holes required! Plus, it's only 5 inches deep, so you don't lose all your counter space, either.

Buy It: Yamazaki Stovetop Grid Organizer Panel, $62

entryway with wall hooks
Image courtesy of Flint.

13. Easiest Storage Addition

These adhesive wall hooks come equipped with everything you need to hang them perfectly straight—there's even a built-in bubble level. But don't be fooled by their stylish good looks. The hooks can support up to 15 pounds, so they can go almost anywhere you need to hang coats, bags, plants, even pictures.

Buy It: Flint Rapid Install Hook System, $7

freezer backpacks
Image courtesy of PackIt.

14. Most Likely to Improve Summer Roadtrips

This backpack-style cooler fits up to 24 cans, making it a breeze to fill up and take on short hikes or picnics. The bag has freezing gel embedded inside, so instead of using separate ice packs, just fold it up and stick it in the freezer the night before your big adventure. It's ready to go when you pack it the next day and will keep contents cold for more than 3 hours.

Buy It: PackIt Freezable 24-Can Cooler Backpack, $60

Image courtesy Anolon.

15. Smartest Cookware Upgrade

Did you know most cabinet shelves only have 13 inches of clearance? This pot and pan set nests inside itself so your kitchen storage can go farther. Perhaps most importantly, the snug fit ensures there's no danger of scratching the nonstick surfaces.

Available fall 2019: Anolon Smart Stack

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