The Next Great Cozy Addition to Your Home Isn't a Weighted Blanket

Bearaby’s new Cuddler is here to bring added comfort to any space.

Over the last few years, weighted blankets have taken the world by storm. If you haven't already brought one of these cozy, overly heavy (in the best way) comfort items home, adding one to your bed or preferred napping spot might be just the thing to help you relax and destress a little more. (You can even make your own weighted blanket.) At this point, there's an overabundance of options when it comes to shopping for weighted blankets, whether you're looking for a cooling weighted blanket, a heavier-than-normal one, one made with organic or sustainable materials, or one that matches your decor—but the next great thing in weighted home decor may not be a blanket at all.

Meet the Cuddler. Launched September 13 from Bearaby, the maker of the gorgeous, internet-beloved, and often sold-out knitted weighted blanket, the Cuddler is a new development in weighted soft goods that anyone seeking a little more comfort at home will want to snag ASAP.

Bearaby cuddler body pillow on blue background
Design: Better Homes & Gardens; Photos: Courtesy of Bearaby

The Cuddler is an oversized take on the body pillow with modern-day innovations that make it even cozier than the jumbo pillow you may have curled up with in the early 2000s. The cylindrical pillow is nearly seven feet long and made of Melofoam, an all-natural, sustainable rubber that gives the oversized pillow a body-conforming but still plush feel. The springy make offers both support and a little pressure to help soothe a wide range of aches and other complaints to help with deeper sleep at night and during naps alike. It also means the Cuddler is adaptable and holds its shape. Whether you want it as a back and arm rest on the couch or extra support while you read at night, you can twist (and even knot) the Cuddler to offer the perfect support for you.

The Melofoam is both dense and breathable, with a gentle weight that majorly boosts the cozy factor: Curling up with this jumbo pillow is more like cuddling with a beloved pet than just another pillow. Weighing in at nearly nine pounds—8.8 pounds, to be precise—the Cuddler makes a hefty, sturdy addition to any bed or sofa, especially because, in the Bearaby tradition, it's absolutely stunning.

"We're thrilled to introduce The Cuddler—our sustainable foam body pillow that provides ergonomic support and adds beauty to any space," said Kathrin Hamm, founder and CEO of Bearaby, in a statement accompanying the launch. "It's a natural extension to our patented best-selling weighted blankets and sensory knot pillows and offers one more innovative way that Bearaby is bringing comfort into the home."

Bearaby first made its mark on the weighted blanket scene with a collection of gorgeous knitted blankets at a time when most weighted blankets looked clunky and dull. The Bearaby blankets look like chunky knit throws you'd like to leave out when guests come over, and the Cuddler has the same this-could-be-decor look. The pillow itself comes in a plain white, 100% organic cotton cover, but Bearaby sells knit covers in five colors—Moonstone Grey, Asteroid Grey, Evening Rose, Midnight Blue, and Cloud White—if you'd truly like to make your Cuddler part of your decor. Along with the Hugget, a range of knot pillows designed as aesthetically pleasing stress balls for tension relief, the Cuddler proves that the next great comfort items for your home may not be blankets at all.

The Cuddler is available online from Bearaby beginning September 13. The pillow retails for $199, and covers are available for an additional $129 each.

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