The brand's sixth annual Candle Day is here—and all 3-wick candles are less than $10. Plus, 38 new scents are dropping!

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated December 09, 2019
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Every winter, Bath & Body Works marks down their 3-wick candles (normally $24.50) to the lowest prices of the year. On Saturday, December 7 all 3-wick candles will be $9.50—that's more than 60% off. The sale applies to all candles, even the new holiday scents. And, the brand has released an additional 38 brand new scents—including Sugared Blueberry Donut, Cereal Marshmallow Bar, and Red Velvet Cupcake—exclusively for the sale.

You can shop the deals in-stores or on the Bath & Body Works website: The online sale starts at midnight tonight, and most locations will open at 7:00 a.m.—and we'll be first in line!

If you haven't been to your local location yet this season, the 2019 holiday fragrances are good. The collection features 24 never-before-smelled holiday scents as well as dozens of returning classics you know and love—including Winter Candy Apple, Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel. The 2019 holiday line includes more than 300 products, and we’re on a mission to smell every last one.

Whether you’re in need of stocking stuffers for the family, co-worker gifts or meaningful holiday presents, Bath & Body Works has you covered. splurge on a 3-wick candle for everyone left on your Christmas list, and stock up on seasonal lotions and soaps while you're there. With a wide variety of scents and products, there’s something for everyone. We’ve rounded up all of the new holiday scents so you’ll know exactly what to grab when you get to the store.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

New Scents in the 2019 Holiday Line

Bright Lemon Snowdrop

This tangy new holiday scent smells like frosted lemon citrus, marshmallow fluff, and vanilla beans. Pour this bubble bath mixture under hot water for a relaxing night in—even if the weather outside is frightful. 

Buy It: Bubble Bath, $14.50

Caramel Drizzle

Make your home smell like Santa’s bakeshop with the scents of sugar cane crystals, melted butter, and whisked sweet cream. The 3-wick candle is strong enough to make your entire house smell like fresh baked goods. 

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

Cherry Mocha

Soak up the scents of sweet cherry, decadent chocolate, and whipped cream topping as you enjoy a homemade mocha dessert or sip on a steaming mug of mocha java

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

Chocolate Lava Cake

You don’t have to make your own chocolate lava cake to fill your home with the scents of scrumptious chocolate cake, a gooey cocoa center, and a powdered sugar topping. Pair a fragrance refill with a holiday Wallflower plug (like the Christmas Tree Nightlight plug, $14.50) to make your house smell cozy all season.

Buy It: Wallflower Fragrance, $6.50

Chocolate Peppermint Cream

Chocolate and peppermint is one of our favorite flavor duos, so we can’t wait to smell crushed peppermint candies, creamy chocolate, and white sugar crystals all winter. 

Buy It: Wallflower Fragrance, $6.50

Christmas Cookies

No matter which homemade Christmas cookies you’re baking this year, you can choose to smell like cookie dough, almond biscotti, and caramel all winter long. Products in this scent will be available starting November 25.

Citrus & Spice

Don’t have time to make your own holiday potpourri? Opt for this mix of bitter orange, fresh clove, and soft musk instead. 

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

Frosted Holly

We typically use holly branches in Christmas garlands and decor, but we’re loving the combination of this seasonal plant with fresh magnolia, zesty grapefruit, and sycamore wood. The ultra shea body cream combines this festive scent with shea & cocoa butter to hydrate dry winter skin better than regular lotion. 

Buy It: Ultra Shea Body Cream, $13.50

Grateful Apple Cardamom Crisp

Show friends or family just how grateful you are by gifting them the scent of red apple, spicy cardamom, sugared clove buds, and graham cracker crumble. 

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50


Celebrate the season with a new aromatherapy scent of black currant and pine needles, mixed with real pine oil—used to energize your mind and wake up your senses during the long winter months.

Buy It: Moisturizing Body Cream, $15.50

Little Black Party Dress

Dressing up for New Years Eve? Go out on the town in style with the scents of sparkling bergamot, velvet lilies, and tonka beans. Bath & Body Works' fragrance mists are made with conditioning aloe to moisturize skin with every spritz. 

Buy It: Fragrance Mist, $14.50

Merry Cherry Cheer

This fresh new scent filled with maraschino cherry, pomegranate cider, and sugared musk will ensure you have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year. The gentle foaming hand soap is one of our seasonal staples, and if you like this scent you'll want to stock up while you can.

Buy It: Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, $6.50


All is calm and bright in this new aromatherapy scent of tea tree oil and peppermint, designed to help you relax during the holidays. The aromatherapy lotions are made with shea butter and vitamin E, and they're fast-absorbing so you won't be left with a greasy feeling. 

Buy It: Body Lotion, $13.50

Pink Fairy Gum Drop

This fruity combination of sparkling sugared berries, pink cotton candy, and essential oils is worthy of the Sugar Plum Fairy’s approval. 

Buy It:3-Wick Candle, $24.50

Praline Pecan & Cream

If you aren’t the type to actually roast chestnuts on an open fire, opt for this mix of roasted apples, sugared chestnuts, and whipped buttercream. 

Buy It: Wallflower Fragrance, $6.50

Raspberry Sugar

This festive new holiday scent combines the essence of sugared raspberries, plum blossoms, and winter white lilies. Bath & Body Works' super smooth body lotion adds coconut oil to the regular lotion blend of shea butter and vitamin E.

Buy It: Super Smooth Body Lotion, $12.50

Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread

This combination of baked blueberry, crumbled shortcake, and whipped cream will remind you of Grandma’s classic Christmas shortbread cookies all season. 

Buy It: Bubble Bath, $14.50

Snowy Citrus Swirl

Jump on the citrus Christmas trend and fill your home with the scents of chilled tangerine, whipped marshmallow, creamy tonka beans, and fresh vanilla. Lather up with a shower gel made with aloe and vitamin E for clean and hydrated skin—even in the middle of winter!

Buy It: Shower Gel, $12.50


Wherever you’re gathering for Thanksgiving dinner this year, take this combination of frankincense and myrrh with you to remind yourself of what you’re thankful for. This season, we're grateful for Bath & Body Works' pillow mists: They're one of our favorite products that will help you achieve your deepest sleep

Buy It: Pillow Mist, $13.50

Tree Farm

Whether you’re cutting down your own tree like Clark W. Griswold or going artificial this year, fill your home with the smells of crisp pine needles, warm cedar, and spiced apple.

Buy It: Wallflower Fragrance, $6.50

Twinkling Nights

There’s nothing like a crisp winter night under the twinkling stars, and this mix of frosted jasmine petals, whipped vanilla, and mandarin blossom is just as charming.

Buy It: Fragrance Mist, $14.50

Winter Snowfall

The first winter snowfall is almost as magical as this combination of crisp blue sage, iced rosemary, dried cedarwood, and essential oils. This scent will be available in stores and online beginning December 8.

Winter White Woods

Even if you live in the city, this combination of pine needles, sparkling clementine, spiced cloves, and essential oils will make you feel like you’re in a cozy cabin all winter. 

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

White Eucalyptus & Sage

Invoke the feeling of taking a walk through the woods with the scents of white eucalyptus, mineral sage, and frozen pine. 

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50



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