Clasen's Bakery wanted to say 'thank you' to local healthcare workers and first responders.

The last three months have been anything but normal, and we’ve all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic in different ways. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned during these unprecedented times, it’s that there is always something good happening if you look for it. Recently a Wisconsin bakery has been putting good into the world by performing acts of kindness—10,000 of them, actually.

Last month Michelle Clasen, owner of Clasen's European Bakery in Middleton, Wisconsin, was looking for a way to give back to the healthcare workers and first responders working hard to keep their communities safe during the pandemic. She decided to say ‘thank you’ by making and delivering the bakery’s signature morning buns (a sweet, spiced baked good that’s similar to a cinnamon roll). Her goal was to donate 10,000 buns to local emergency workers, and she’s well on her way to reaching it. 

"I am in such a 'business cocoon' dealing with Covid-19," Clasen says. "It came to me one day: This is not about me, or about Clasen's. What can I do? Let's think about the medical workers, first responders, EMS, police, fire, pharmacists.  They are deep in this every single day, front and center, risking their lives."

morning buns on a white plate
Clasen's Bakery is donating 10,000 of these morning buns to local first responders.
| Credit: Courtesy of Clasen's Bakery / Michelle Clasen

Clasen calls the project “Operation Honoring Community Heroes.” So far, she’s delivered buns to hospitals, clinics, fire stations, police departments, and other frontline workers in her area, sometimes dropping off more than 1,000 buns at a time. 

"If any of us get sick or need help, who would we call? Them," she says. "As an appreciation we are dropping off Morning Buns because it's what we are good at. Thank you for keeping us safe."

She says the response from the healthcare workers and first responders has made the effort a success. Not only have the frontline workers expressed their gratitude, but keeping the bakery running has also allowed Clasen to keep her employees on the payroll during the pandemic. 

"My amazing staff stepped up to make this all happen," she says. "Everyone pitched in to get the job done. It was what I could do to help during this crisis."

four people next to a delivery of buns
The Clasen's Bakery team delivered 1,500 morning buns to the University of Wisconsin hospital last week.
| Credit: Courtesy of Clasen's Bakery / Michelle Clasen

The bakery staff has been hard at work making and delivering the morning buns (each packaged with a sticker that says 'Thank you for keeping us safe'), but their charitable efforts don’t stop there: The bakery has been stocking their shelves with loaves of fresh bread and other pastries that healthcare employees can come by and pick up free of charge. 

If you’re local, consider placing a pick-up order to support the bakery and allow them to keep giving back to the community (you can also order online for local delivery). If you’re not close enough to enjoy their pastries for yourself, look for ways you can use your own skills and resources to positively impact your own community.


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