Last year, they sold out in just 48 hours, so grab 'em while you can!

By Andrea Beck
August 13, 2019
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In 2018, Bailey’s and Clabber Girl (the brand you likely know from their baking powder) came together to create one of the best baking innovations of the year: Bailey’s Original Irish Cream Baking Chips. As the name suggests, they were like regular chocolate chips, but instead of plain chocolate, they were infused with the flavor of Bailey’s Irish Cream. According to Clabber Girl, due to limited distribution and crazy-high demand last year, they sold out in just 48 hours!

Image courtesy of Clabber Girl.

If you missed out on trying them last year, you’re in luck, because this year, they’re much more readily available. In fact, they’re back on shelves at Walmart right now, so we don’t even have to wait for the holidays to arrive like last year to start adding them to all our chocolate desserts. According to Walmart’s website, you should be able to score a bag for about $2.98, which is a steal considering how highly sought-after the chips were last year.

Even if you can't find them at Walmart, you still have a few different buying options. The Irish Cream Baking Chips are for sale on Amazon (though you’ll probably end up paying a little more if you order them there). You can order them on Clabber Girl’s website, too, but you’ll have to pay for shipping, and even the cheapest option can end up costing more than the baking chips themselves.

Image courtesy of Walmart.

Need a few ideas on how to use them? We’ve been dreaming about these chips since they were first announced last year, so we’ve got plenty! The packaging shows them baked into chocolate chip cookies, which would be an excellent use for their chocolatey, Irish cream flavor, but they’d also be irresistible in brownies, topping cupcakes, stirred into a cup of hot chocolate, or even melted down into a ganache-like frosting. The chips themselves don’t have any actual alcohol, despite taking their flavor from Bailey’s popular boozy drinks, so everyone can enjoy the delicious results of your baking experiments with them.

We’re not sure how long Bailey’s Irish Cream Baking Chips will stick around this year or if they’ll be a permanent addition to the baking aisle, but since they only had a limited release in 2018, they should be much easier to find than before. While you’re on the hunt for them, keep an eye out for some of this year’s new baking chips, like Nestlé’s espresso chips and their holiday baking truffles. This holiday baking season is going to be tastier than ever!