Why You Should Consider Picking Up a Bouquet on Your Next Grocery Run

Like many businesses, the floral industry is suffering due to COVID-19.

Just about everyone in the country can say their life has been affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus 2019 disease) outbreak. Among the many businesses that have taken a hit during this tumultuous time is the American floral industry. That's why Dave Pruitt, CEO of the California Cut Flower Commission and administrator of Certified American Grown Flowers, is encouraging shoppers to pick up flowers the next time they make a necessary trip to the grocery store. (Important, we urge you to stay home and responsibly head to the supermarket only when essential.)

On March 20, Pruitt and more than 50 California flower farmers discussed on a conference call how disastrous the new coronavirus has been on everyone who works in the business, including farmers, wholesale distributors, and retail designers. According to a news release, several farmers admitted they could be just a week away from "complete ruin."

Bouquet of bright fresh flowers
Ed Gohlich

"America's flower farmers, the floral industry, and all of their employees are teetering on economic devastation," Pruitt said in the call. "These people literally cannot hold on without support from consumers. We urge our fellow Americans to please consider purchasing fresh American Grown Flowers and Greens the next time you're in the store, and ask for our flowers to be added back into the distribution pipeline as a valued agricultural commodity."

Although Americans are stocking up on groceries and household essentials, they're not buying flowers, the release explains. Some grocery stores have even stopped selling blooms altogether.

So, what can you do to help? It's simple. If you have a little extra to spare, pick up some fresh cut flowers the next time you head to the supermarket. To see if the bouquets are grown and assembled in the United States, check for the Certified American Grown label or talk to the florist at your store. The blooms will add beautiful color and delightful aroma to your home, and studies even show flowers can "significantly alleviate daily stress." You'll be aiding an industry that needs your support.

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