The new feature is a great starting point for redesigning your living room. When combined with their augmented reality tool, you can be your own interior designer.

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Joining the ranks of online interior design services, Amazon now has a virtual showroom for shoppers to visualize living room furniture and decor. This new feature is in alignment with Amazon’s other forward-thinking technology, such as their augmented reality view feature and their line of Alexa products.

amazon showroom
Image courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Showroom opens up to a generic living room scene—neutral walls and floors, two windows, and a doorway. Furniture is already placed in the room and the product details are listed on the right-hand side. You can change the wall and floor colors to better match your space.

To navigate the new tool, click on a piece of furniture and scroll through the many products listed in the sidebar. A wide variety of products are available in the showroom catalog, but it’s nowhere close to the selection of furniture and décor you can find on Amazon. Once you choose a piece you like, click it and it will appear in your virtual living room.

Right now, the technology is a bit limited. You can only design a living room, you cannot move the furniture around or swap out room scenes, and the showroom does not have the option to drop in accessories like table lamps, houseplants, or coffee table trinkets. It doesn’t feel as personal or realistic as viewing a product in your actual space, which is possible with Amazon’s AR view feature.

The showroom feature is good, however, for seeing how large furniture pieces in your living room look together. We recommend using the Amazon Showroom as your first stop in redesigning your space. Use it to see how materials, colors, and shapes pair. Once you’re happy with a product, stay on Amazon, but switch to their AR view feature.

amazon vr view
Image courtesy of Amazon

AR view is made specifically for Amazon’s home products. It allows the shopper to virtually see a vase or a chair in their home. The user can manipulate the size of the product, the angle, and walk around it as they view it on their phone.

To access AR view, open the Amazon app on your iPhone or Android. Click on the camera icon next to the search bar, and choose AR view from the menu. From here you can find a product you’re interested in buying and view it in your real space. The feature will start your phone’s camera and allow you to walk around as you place the product.

Amazon ensures that the products available on AR view are sized and rendered to show a realistic view of what it will look like. This is a great way to see how a piece of art would look above your sofa or how a group of candles would look on your coffee table.

There are already thousands of products available to try on AR view, and Amazon will be adding more every week. AR view is available via the Amazon app while the Amazon Showroom can be accessed through their website and the app. Use the two features together to be the interior decorator of your own space.


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