We got a sneak peek at Aldi's new releases for October, and we were even able to taste-test some of them! Here's what you have to look forward to when fall officially arrives.

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Aldi holds a special place in our hearts and we're always looking for the next great Aldi find. The brand made headlines earlier this year with the release of heart-shaped cheese that might just be our favorite Aldi product to date—though Aldi's new sangria kits, bottled pineapple mimosa, and boozy salsas are giving it a run for its money.

We count on Aldi for crazy-good deals on our most-loved food products and their new releases are no exception. These are our favorite new Aldi products of 2019 (so far).

October 2019 Aldi Releases

This month, Aldi sent us some of their new October products so we could try them out for ourselves. As you might expect, October is all about pumpkin—pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, you name it. These new products will have you wanting to curl up under a blanket with a few fall snacks and settle in for a movie marathon.

Aldi organic pumpkin soup carton on plain background

Simply Nature Organic Pumpkin Soup

We’ve got our own tried and true pumpkin soup recipes, but we have to say, Aldi’s version is certainly less work. Each bowl blends together pumpkin with cream, carrots, onions, celery, spices, and ginger, so it’ll satisfy fall cravings. You don’t even have to pull out a sauce pan to make this creamy, organic pumpkin soup. Instead, just pull out a bowl (or soup mug) and pop your soup in the microwave. It’ll hit shelves on October 2 for $1.99 per carton, which is well-worth it to us for an easy lunch or quick, cozy dinner.

Aldi pumpkin spice caramel corn on plain background

Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn

True pumpkin spice fans need to stock up on this snack for their next fall movie marathon. The pumpkin spice flavor is bold, but it tastes great mixed with the sweetness of the caramel and saltiness from the popcorn. It has also has a few pumpkin seeds tossed in the mix, which adds an extra crunch whenever you grab a piece of caramel corn that has one attached. You can find it at Aldi starting October 2 for $2.99 per bag—just in time to snack on while you watch Halloween movies.

Aldi pumpkin spice fall cookies on plain background

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Thins

These tiny cookies have a delicious crunch, and they’d make a great fall desk snack or sweet after-dinner dessert. Though the flavor is listed as pumpkin spice, the pumpkin-y notes are extremely subtle. Instead, these cookies reminded us quite a bit of crispy, yummy gingersnaps. Judge for yourself beginning October 2, when you can grab a bag for $2.29.

Aldi Peanut Delight maple flavored peanut butter on plain background

Peanut Delight Fall Flavored Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is tasty no matter what, and it just gets better adding other flavors to the mix. Aldi’s fall-flavored peanut butter comes in both maple or pumpkin. We tried the maple version, and while the flavor was subtle, it adds just a touch of extra sweetness, which could make it perfect for a peanut butter sandwich or spreading on a toasted bagel in the morning. You can try both flavors for yourself by heading to Aldi on October 16, when they’ll both be available for $1.99 each.

Aldi pumpkin brioche on plain background

Pumpkin Brioche Bread

If you love a super-soft pumpkin bread, this loaf is the one for you. Rather than having a sturdier texture like most of the homemade pumpkin breads we’re used to, this is one is almost as soft as white bread from the grocery store. We think it’d be great toasted, maybe with a schmear of butter for breakfast or turned into a tasty pumpkin French toast. You should see it on shelves beginning October 16 for $3.99 per pumpkin-spiced loaf.

Aldi tan soup mug on plain background

Crofton Soup Mug

Curl up and get cozy! Soup recipes are always at the top of our must-make list when fall rolls around, and this handy soup mug makes curling up with a bowl on the couch even easier. If you ask us, this heavy, sturdy mug is a downright steal—it’ll be available in stores on October 30 for just $3.99. For a 20-oz. mug that’s microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, you really can’t go wrong.

September 2019 Aldi Releases

Aldi’s September finds are here! This month, the grocery chain is prepping for Oktoberfest with many tasty food releases, but they’re also celebrating fall with caramel and pecan-flavored treats. You’ll also find a few products in the non-food section that will make fall dinners easier than ever this season.

Package of garlic naan on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Garlic Naan

Trader Joe’s fans should be familiar with the store’s garlic naan bread, but until now, Aldi has been without a similar garlicky version. That will change on September 4, with the arrival of their Garlic Naan, priced at $2.89 for four rounds. Make a naan bread pizza, or get your favorite recipes for tandoori chicken and tikka masala ready to spice up dinner.

Red casserole dish on white background

Image courtesy of Aldi.

Crofton Cast Iron 4-Quart Casserole Dish

Cozy fall casseroles, here we come! To help you prep pretty weeknight dinners and prepare for upcoming holiday meals, Aldi is releasing cast iron 4-quart casserole dishes for $19.99 on September 11. You can choose between two colors—a cool gray and fiery red. Since prime casserole season is coming up quick, this is a great opportunity to upgrade one of your most-used baking dishes.

Fruits of the Forest strudel package on white background

Image courtesy of Aldi.

Apple, Caramel Apple, and Mixed Fruit Strudels

Oktoberfest officially starts on September 21, so of course we need to celebrate. In addition to plenty of other Oktoberfest-themed foods like spätzle and bratwurst, Aldi is releasing a few sweet treats, too. Arriving on September 18, just in time for the festivities, you’ll be able to find apple, caramel apple, and mixed fruit strudels in the freezer section. You can score a box with two strudels for $2.49, and each golden brown, fruit-filled pastry looks decadent enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Caramel Macchiato coffee pods on white background
Apple Crisp ground coffee packaging
Left: Image courtesy of Aldi.
Right: Image courtesy of Aldi.

Fall-Themed Ground Coffee and Coffee Pods

Pick up a Pumpkin Spice Latte in the morning if you like, but if you want to skip the coffee shop line, Aldi is making it easier to create your own fall drinks. On September 18, they’re releasing Caramel Apple and Caramel Macchiato coffee pods ($5.89 for a box of 18) so you can be your own barista. For those with traditional coffee makers, you can keep eye out for Caramel or Apple Crisp ground coffee for $3.79, which should hit shelves on the same day.

Maple Pecan cupcakes on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Maple Pecan and Caramel Macchiato Cupcakes

We love fall baking recipes, but if you find yourself short on time this season, you can swing by Aldi to pick up a quick seasonal dessert. Starting September 18, stores will be stocked with four-packs of Caramel Macchiato and Maple Pecan cupcakes. You can buy a package for $3.89, so keep them in mind when you start craving maple and caramel desserts.

Strawberry Cream Cake package on white background

Image courtesy of Aldi.

Chocolate and Strawberry Cream Cakes

Great desserts are coming to Aldi on September 18, including these indulgent cream cakes. For $6.99, you can head to the freezer section and pick out either a chocolate or strawberry cream-filled cake. No matter which one you choose (or grab both!), you can count on an amazing dessert—aside from cake and creamy filling, each one takes dessert to the next level by adding chocolate or strawberry sauce and pretty chocolate curls.

Gray cast iron French oven with roast chicken inside

Image courtesy of Aldi.

Crofton Cast Iron 4.6-Quart French Oven

If the price tag has kept you from adding a Dutch or French oven to your kitchen, mark your calendar for September 25. That’s the day that Aldi is releasing a gorgeous gray 4.6-quart French Oven for just $24.99. By comparison, one of Le Creuset’s 4.5-quart Dutch ovens usually costs more than $300. Don’t worry about the difference between French and Dutch ovens, either—traditional Dutch ovens are cast iron, while French ovens are cast iron with an enameled coating (like Le Creuset’s ovens and the latest release from Aldi).

August 2019 Aldi Releases

We’ve got back to school on our minds this month, and so does Aldi. While the grocery chain is introducing a few more summer-ready products, they’ve also included a few to help you get slow-risers out of bed in the morning and to get dinner on the table fast before you have to be out the door for weeknight activities.

Aldi Pressure Cooker on kitchen counter
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Ambiano Programmable Pressure Cooker

On August 28, the uber-popular Instant Pot is getting some competition. Aldi is releasing their own 8-quart, 9-in-1 multi-use pressure cooker, and you’ll be able to snag one for just $39.99. By comparison, a 6-quart Instant Pot Duo is usually priced at $99.99 (Amazon) and only features seven different functions. Aldi’s pressure cooker has the usual steam, keep warm, slow cook, rice cooker, pressure cook, sauté, and yogurt-making settings that most multicookers have, but it also includes settings for cake making and canning. So not only can it help you cook every meal from breakfast to dinner to dessert, but it’ll be able to help you preserve some of your summer produce, too. For all of those functions, the $40 price tag is a downright steal.

Dancing Flame Rose on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Dancing Flame Rosé

It’s no secret that Aldi is famous for their rosé, so we’re excited to see a new bottle hit shelves this month. In true Aldi tradition, the new Dancing Flame Rosé will be super affordable, at $4.99 per bottle. Get your wine glasses ready for a toast on August 7, because that’s when you’ll have your first opportunity to add this sparkling pink drink to your cart.

Loaf of peach cobbler bread on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

L'oven Fresh Peach Cobbler or Mixed Berry Breakfast Bread

August means back to school, and back to school means we need a few easy breakfast ideas. On August 14, you can give plain slices of toast an upgrade by picking up a few fruity loaves of bread at Aldi. For $3.99 per loaf, you can choose between Fresh Peach Cobbler or Mixed Berry Breakfast Bread. If you’ve got anyone in your household who hits the snooze button a few too many times, these sweet, dessert-inspired breads will help get them up and excited for the morning.

Aldi egg poaching pan on countertop with breakfast plate in background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Crofton Egg Poacher

Love poached eggs in the morning but not the work of making them? On August 14, you’ll be able to cook four at once with Aldi’s $12.99 egg poaching pan. It’s about the same size as a regular sauté pan, but includes four separate compartments for perfectly poached eggs (and you won’t end up with any wispy egg whites, either). All you’ll need to do is crack an egg into the compartment, then slide out a gorgeous poached egg a few minutes later to go alongside your toast and bacon.

Oat milk ice cream pint on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Non-Dairy Oat Milk Ice Cream

Non-dairy products have skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the accessibility of products like oat milk, almond milk, and banana milk, and now Aldi is adding three more to your must-try list. New pints of vegan, oat milk-based ice creams are hitting shelves on August 28 for just $2.99 each. All three flavors sound downright drool-worthy, too—vanilla cookie chip, cold brew, and classic chocolate. They’ll be here just in time to help you cool down at the end of summer!

July 2019 Aldi Releases

For July, Aldi is releasing a wide range of fun new products. You can pick up two new kinds of cheese, adorable succulents, a $5 felt letter board, and even a retro 80s-inspired cosmetic case. You'll also find a few new products to make your 4th of July celebrations and summer cookouts even tastier, so start adding to your grocery list now.

Packaging for Aldi frozen fruit cubes strawberry blend
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Season's Choice Frozen Fruit Cubes

In June, Aldi introduced new sangria kits, blends of pre-cut fruits perfect for adding to red or white wine for quick summer sangria. Starting July 3, be on the lookout for two new frozen fruit blends made for boozy summer drinks and healthy morning smoothies. You can pick up a bag of raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, or go tropical with a pineapple, coconut milk, and mango blend. Each bag is only $3.99 and comes with summer drink recipes printed on the packaging, so you can grab everything you need for pineapple-mango margaritas before you even leave the store.

Bottle of Aldi peach Moscato on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Massimino Peach Moscato

If you haven’t heard, Aldi is known for creating their own award-winning wines (specifically rosé), for super-affordable prices. Because of their track record for delicious drinks, we can’t wait to try their new peach Moscato when it arrives on July 3. At just $4.99 per bottle, it’s one of the most budget-friendly wines you can find this summer for sipping on the patio or by the water. Plus, it’ll be in stores just in time for your 4th of July party!

Aldi light purple retro caboodle cosmetic case
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Easy Home Retro Cosmetic Case

Aldi has plenty of fun non-food products too, so if you’ve been sticking to the food and drink aisles, you’ve been missing out. On July 3, keep your eyes peeled for an 80s throwback in the form of retro makeup cases. These cute makeup cases are just $7.99 each, and they’re a fun, adorable way to finally organize your makeup brushes, lipstick, foundation, and mascara all in one place (and they make packing your makeup for an overnight trip a lot easier, too).

Salmon fillet on cedar plank on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Fresh Sweet Bourbon Atlantic Salmon on a Cedar Plank

Grilling salmon on a cedar plank is a classic summer cookout recipe, but you have to remember to stock up on both seafood and planks. Luckily, Aldi is going to become a one-stop-shop for your cookout needs on July 10 with the arrival of their Atlantic salmon on a cedar plank. For $9.99 per pound, you can stock up on salmon fillets and cedar planks to cook them on, with no need to stop at another store, or even hunt down a plank in a different aisle. The fillets and planks will be packaged together, which just proves how downright genius most of Aldi’s products are.

8 different succulents in silver tins on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

4-Inch Succulents

In the past, Aldi has featured a few deals on gorgeous plants, like fiddle-leaf fig trees for $13, rose bushes, and potted hydrangeas. This month, if you want to bring a piece of your garden indoors, you can pick up a variety of 4-inch succulents in tins for $4.99 each. We’re sure your office desk at work, your kitchen, or another area of your house could use some sprucing up with a cute succulent. These tiny plants are sure to sell out fast, so mark your calendar for July 10.

Felt letter board on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Huntington Home Felt Letter Board

For the past year or so, felt letter boards have been all over Instagram featuring inspirational, motivational, or downright hilarious quotes and sayings. On July 17, you can join in on the trend by picking up a letter board at Aldi for just $4.99. By comparison, most of the letter boards you can find on Amazon usually cost at least $15, so you’ll get a steal if you can manage to snag one.

Box of chocolate peanut butter crispy o's on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Millville Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy O's

Whenever we stop at Aldi, we always have to include at least one treat in our carts. On July 24, you can pick up Aldi’s new chocolate and peanut butter cereal to start your morning off on a sweet note. This crispy corn cereal has no artificial flavors or synthetic colors, and the chocolate peanut butter flavors sound like they’d taste amazing alongside your morning cup of coffee. It’s only $2.19 for a box, which is well worth it to treat yourself a few mornings a week.

Aldi white stilton cheese with mango and ginger in packaging on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Happy Farms Preferred English Cheddar or White Stilton with Mango & Ginger

It’s no secret how much we love Aldi cheese—previously, we’ve devoured their heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cheeses and their super-fun 80s-inspired cheeses that celebrated the Grammys. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting their next creation for your summer cheese boards, the wait is over. On July 24, you’ll be able to snag two new Aldi cheeses for $3.49 each, which is a steal considering both new additions are made in England. You can pick up a sweet, creamy, imported white cheddar for classic cheeseboards, and a more adventurous white stilton with mango and ginger that’s just as creamy, but tangy and fruity too.

Bottle of Aldi pomegranate mimosa on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.

Pomegranate Mimosa

Aldi mimosas have completely captivated our taste buds at brunch over the past few months—first they brought back their super-popular orange and pineapple mimosa blends, then they introduced a new mango flavor on June 19 that more than lived up to its predecessors. Now, on July 31, they’re adding a fourth mimosa flavor to their collection: Pomegranate! Adding this trendy ingredient to our brunch mimosas sounds like the perfect way to take our Sunday morning toasts to the next level, and you can snag a bottle for just $8.99.

June 2019 Aldi Releases

This month we’re loving Aldi’s new summer products—including giant pool floats and chocolate and cherry-stuffed Belgian waffles. They've got so much of what we want to make summer even more enjoyable.

Two Aldi wine glasses stuck in the sand on a beach
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Crofton Floating Wine Glass

Whether you hit the beach or the pool this summer, having a cool drink to sip on is a must. Aldi’s new wine glass can help you avoid any mishaps or spills, no matter where you are. The glass itself floats, so it can drift alongside you while you relax on a pool float, but it also has a pointed end that’s perfect for sticking into the sand while you soak up some sun. And though it’s technically a wine glass, we give you permission to pour in any drink you want. You can score a few for a steal, too—they’re available as of June 12 for just $2.49 apiece.

Woman on large pink flamingo pool float in pool
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Intex Mega Flamingo Pool Float

Anytime you're on Instagram in the summer, you’ll find your feed filled with pool-goers riding giant inflatable floats. As of June 5, you can join in on the trend, because Aldi is releasing two huge pool floats—a flamingo and a unicorn—for just $19.99. We think they’re worth it for the ‘gram alone, but these massive floats also look like hours of summer fun.

Package of Aldi Buffalo Hummus
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Park Street Deli Hummus

Every summer party needs a show-stopping dip recipe, and Aldi’s new releases will steal the snack spotlight. In-stores as of June 5, Aldi is releasing three mouthwatering hummus flavors for you to scoop up with pita chips by the pool. Take your pick of pineapple jalapeno, garlic kale, or spicy buffalo hummus; or, since each one is only $1.99, scoop up all three and have a hummus taste-test to determine your favorite.

Aldi Cotes de Provence Rose on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi
| Credit: Aldi

Provincia Nostra Côtes de Provence Rosé

You can never have too many good bottles of rosé on hand in the summertime. Since Aldi is known for their award-winning rosé, we’re happy to try any new creation they come up with. You can pick up one of the gorgeous bottles and judge it for yourself beginning on June 12, and it’ll only set you back $9.99 (a rosé bargain!).

Aldi Kale chips on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Simply Nature Kale Chips

You can make your own kale chips at home if you want, but if you pick up a bag (or two) of these new kale chips from Aldi, there’s no need to turn on your oven in the summer heat. Available starting June 12, these kale chips come in a variety of flavors, including dill pickle, sea salt, and lemon and olive oil. Each bag is just $2.19, and they’ll make a great addition to your summer snacking—since they’re made from kale, they’re a little better for you than regular potato chips, too!

Aldi red white and blue ice pops on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Sundae Shoppe Red, White, & Blue Pops

Is it even summer until you have a red, white, and blue ice pop? Just in time for this year’s 4th of July party, Aldi is coming out with their own version of this classic warm-weather dessert on June 19. It features layers of cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry goodness. It’ll only cost you $1.89 for a box of 12, so you should have no problem stocking your freezer with this ideal 4th of July dessert.

Aldi packaging for gluten free cheesecake sampler on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

LiveGfree Gluten Free Cheesecake Sampler

Can’t decide what dessert you want to serve up at your summer barbecue? Beginning June 19, you can bring this decadent cheesecake sampler for everyone to share. It includes four different options—classic New York cheesecake, lemon swirl, chocolate chip, and raspberry swirl—so there’ll be a slice that everyone enjoys. When it arrives in the freezer section, it’ll be on sale for $8.99 (probably less than you’d spend on cream cheese alone for a homemade cheesecake recipe). Oh, and did we mention it’s completely gluten-free?

Packaging for Aldi Heart to Tail dog ice cream
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream

Starting on June 26, you can include your furry friend in summer ice cream nights. Aldi is releasing a new ice cream made especially for your pup, and you can stock your freezer with boxes of four ice cream cups for just $2.99. Just make sure you don't grab one by accident when you're reaching for your own summer treat—while we're sure our pooches will love cheese- and bacon-flavored ice cream, we'd rather stick to plain old chocolate for our own cones.

Aldi cream cheese and jalapeno brats on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Deutsche Küche Brats

Now that grilling season is officially underway, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for new goodies to feature at our backyard barbecues. If brats are your entrée of choice, mark your calendar for June 26. That’s the day two new brats will hit Aldi shelves for $3.99 a pack, and you can take your pick of cream cheese and jalapeno-flavored, or Emmentaler cheese (it's a Swiss cheese) and mushroom.

Aldi chocolate filled belgian waffles box on white background
Image courtesy of Aldi.
| Credit: Aldi

Specially Selected Filled Belgian Waffles

These loaded waffles have dessert written all over them (though we won’t judge if you grab one for breakfast). You can find these indulgent stuffed waffles in the freezer section starting June 26 for $3.99 for a box of four, and we’re going to be filling our carts to the brim. There are two decadent options to choose from—one is stuffed with ooey-gooey chocolate, and the other has a cherry filling that reminds us of a slice of cherry pie. The question isn’t which one to try, it’s how many boxes you can fit in your freezer.


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