Everyone's favorite houseplant is on sale once again!

By Jessica Bennett
Updated October 23, 2019

Houseplant lovers are rushing to their local Aldi store to chase an amazing deal: $13 for assorted varieties of indoor plants like fiddle leaf figs and snake plants. The sale is part of a weekly special that runs October 23 through October 29, so you'll have to act fast to grab yours. Each plant comes in a textured gray or white decorative pot with a 10-inch plastic pot inside. The brand announced the bargain with an Instagram post showing a cart full of the gorgeous greenery.

Houseplants, particularly indoor trees like fiddle leaf figs, are usually priced upwards of $100 at the sizes we're seeing at Aldi. Some Instagram users have posted photos with the hashtag #aldifinds to show off their newly purchased plants, which appear to be several feet tall. Plus, each one is wrapped in brown paper to help protect the lower parts of the plant on the way from the store to your home. It's a steal of a deal for plant parents looking to expand their green family.

The sale, listed on Aldi's weekly specials, isn't available at all locations, so you might not find these foliage plants at every location. The only way to know what you'll find: Hit up your local Aldi, and get plant hunting!


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