Fiddle-leaf figs are one of the most sought-after houseplants we're seeing on our Instagram feeds. Head to your nearest Aldi now to pick one up for just $13!

By Jenny Krane
Updated: February 20, 2019

Houseplant lovers are rushing to their local Aldi store to chase an amazing deal—$13 for assorted varieties of indoor plants like fiddle-leaf figs, snake plants, and peace lilies. Each plant comes in a textured gray decorative pot with a 10-inch plastic pot inside. Reddit users have reported finding 4-foot fiddle-leafs, ti plants, and well-established split-leaf philodendrons in addition to more varieties shown on Aldi's website.

So why does this matter? Houseplants, particularly indoor trees like fiddle-leafs, usually have a price tag of upwards of $100 at the size of these found at Aldi. And, for the most part, these plants are in good shape. Each plant is wrapped in brown paper, which helps protect the lower parts of the plan in transit from the store to your home. It's a steal of a deal for plant parents looking to expand their green family.

The deal for 10-inch foliage plants started on January 16. It is not available at all locations, so you may not find them at every Aldi store. The sale, listed on Aldi's weekly specials, also promotes the deal on assorted varieties, so one Aldi may have different selections than the next. The only way to know what you'll find is going into the store, so get plant hunting!



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