Think outside the bouquet and grab a colorful orchid for $11 or blooming kalanchoe for $4.

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Aldi is a hot spot for scoring super deals on groceries as well as tons of other items from home decor accessories to kitchenware, but you might not think of it as a place to do your Valentine's Day shopping. Yet this year, you might want to swing by the grocery store to snag an easy-care potted orchid or romantic flowering succulent for your valentine. Starting February 11 (mark your calendar!), stores around the country will stock two different colors of potted moth orchids and a couple of different shades of pink flowering kalanchoe. To sweeten the deal even more, these plants will come in timeless, preppy pots.

pink orchid in black and white striped vase
white orchid in gold and white striped pot
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Aldi
Right: Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

The elegant orchids will be available for $10.99 each. For comparison, a slightly smaller orchid in a plain nursery pot from The Home Depot will cost you about $20, so you can essentially get two orchids from Aldi for the same price. The kalanchoes will retail for $3.99 each, which is a little cheaper than you typically find them priced in a grocery store or garden center. Both these plants are popular gifts because they tend to stay small and hold on to their blooms for months.

two flowering kalanchoe plants in striped and polka dot pots
Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

Besides the beauty of the plants themselves, the containers come in classic patterns that channel the look of brands like Kate Spade and Pottery Barn. For the white and pink orchids, you can choose between graphic black-and-white or gold-and-white striped pots. For the kalanchoe, Aldi will carry black, white, and gold-striped pots, and white pots with black polka dots and pink and gold stripes at the bottom. Each one is festive enough for a fun Valentine’s Day gift, but the pots aren’t specific to the holiday, so they can grace your desk or side table year-round without looking out of place.

Unlike a classic bouquet (though if you’re a traditionalist, Aldi will also have a dozen roses for $9.99), your valentine can keep an orchid or kalanchoe alive indefinitely with the right care. Orchids may have a reputation for being tricky, but the moth orchids that Aldi will be stocking are one of the easiest varieties to care for. And as a succulent plant, kalanchoe just needs is a bright, sunny window and a splash of water whenever the soil gets dry.

Both plants will hit shelves on February 11, just in time for you to pick a few up as last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts (and maybe grab one for yourself too). The super-cute pots alone are worth an Aldi run!


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