Aldi’s newest cheeses are here just in time for our favorite Irish holiday. What better way to celebrate than with Irish cheeses made with whiskey and beer?

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated February 15, 2019

We love Aldi for their creative selection of dairy products (like heart-shaped cheese and this insanely clever set of cheeses named after hit 80s songs) and this week they gave us a sneak peek of their newest product line: Irish cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day.

Aldi is releasing five new cheeses in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and we can’t wait to try them all. They recently announced the addition of an Irish Cheese Truckle Assortment, which includes varieties of Irish cheddar made with Irish beer and whiskey. There’s also a Pesto Gouda and English Sage Derby, both of which are appropriately green for the holiday. The cheeses are all only $3.99 and will be available at locations nationwide starting February 27.

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Image courtesy of Aldi

Irish Cheddar with Irish Whiskey

This Irish Cheddar from Happy Farms is imported directly from Ireland and infused with real Irish whiskey. Is there a better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a tasty cheese and whiskey all in one? We’ll be munching on this all day long!

Image courtesy of Aldi

English Sage Derby

Aldi’s new English Sage Derby cheese is a mild, light cheese that’s made with sage—which gives the cheese a green marbled look. This cheese is tasty enough to eat on its own, but we’re looking forward to trying it with crackers while we sip on one of these green drinks for St. Patrick’s Day.

Image courtesy of Aldi

Irish Cheddar with Irish Beer

Does it get more Irish than this? Celebrate the holiday by snacking on a rich and creamy imported Irish cheddar that’s infused with the classic nutty taste of Irish beer. It’s like drinking a Guinness and good Irish cheese all at once. This one is sure to be a hit at your St. Patrick’s Day party.

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Image courtesy of Aldi

Pesto Gouda

Aldi’s newest Gouda is made with basil and garlic, giving it a green coloring and a slightly sweet, herbal flavor that is complemented by the garlic. We can’t wait to make a pesto grilled cheese with this!

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Image courtesy of Aldi

Aged Irish Cheddar

If you’re not looking to try new or unusual flavors this St. Patrick’s day, Aldi’s traditional Aged Irish Cheddar is the one to try. Imported straight from Ireland, this cheese has a slightly creamy texture with a rich and tangy taste.


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