Aldi is selling gardening basics for crazy-low prices and we'll be first in line.

By Jenny Krane
Updated March 15, 2019

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to start stocking up on garden plants. Little do you know, you can find the best deals in the most unexpected places. Head to Aldi this spring for affordable spring plants to get you ready for the upcoming growing season. Whether you're looking to add color with flowers or add sturdy landscaping plants like trees and shrubs, these picks from Aldi will do the job, and without the hefty price tag.

Image courtesy of Aldi

8-Inch Potted Hydrangeas

We don't think we've met anyone who doesn't love hydrangeas. These crowd-pleasing shrubs are hardy, colorful, and can fill an empty garden bed with dark green foliage and bright cluster flowers. The most loved bloom colors (pink and blue) are a result of the pH of the soil the plants are grown in. You can get a hydrangea plant in an eight-inch nursery pot from Aldi for only $12 each. That's half the price of most hydrangea plants of this size. You can finally fill in that foundation garden bed without breaking the bank.

Buy it: 8-inch Hydrangea, $12

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Shade or Ornamental Tree

Small trees are an easy way to add color to your landscape and you can count on them year after year. Not only do some have gorgeous and fragrant blooms in the spring, but they also attract birds with bright berries and branches for nesting. Start a new tree that you can watch grow for years to come—for just $15. Aldi is selling bare-root bagged saplings of shade and ornamental trees for an affordable price. These saplings are already grown to about three feet tall, making them easier to establish.

Buy it: Gardenline Shade or Ornamental Tree, $15

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Clematis Flowering Vine

If you're looking for a flowering vine that will continue to amaze you, clematis is the go-to plant. These climbing vines reach heights of eight inches and have big, tropical-looking blooms that are up 6 to 8 inches wide—that's huge! Clematis bloom from summer to fall, so start planting now for a big show of flowers. It's only available in stores, so check your local Aldi for $4 assorted clematis varieties.

Image courtesy of Aldi

Premium Rose Bush

Roses are a treasure in the garden, and successfully growing these delicate plants is a feat for any gardener. It's a fun challenge, but it's often hard to validate trying because of the price—rose bushes can be extremely expensive. But thanks to Aldi, you can try your hand at growing roses without forking over a ton of cash. This spring, you can get a bare-root rose bush for just $6. There are assorted varieties available that vary by state, so head to your local Aldi store to see which types you could get for your new rose garden.

Buy it: Gardenline Premium Rose Bush, $6


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