These tools make it possible to cook just about anything in your air fryer.

By Andrea Beck
July 18, 2019
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You’ve picked out an air fryer, learned how to use it, and discovered a few favorite air fryer recipes. While an air fryer is great for making healthier french fries, fried pickles, and crispy air fryer veggies, you can use it for even more recipes if you have a few extra tools. For the most avid air fryer fans, we picked out our favorite accessories, like baking pans and cooking racks, that will expand your air fryer recipe repertoire beyond fries and chicken wings.

One caveat—since there are so many different brands, models, and sizes of air fryers, make sure you check that the accessories you’re interested in are compatible with your fryer before adding them to your cart. Most accessories list the models and sizes of air fryers they’ll work with, so you shouldn’t have to do too much research. Some will even work in your Instant Pot, so if you’ve got a pressure cooker they can pull double-duty.

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1. Parchment Liners

Tired of food getting stuck in the fry basket? Even if you’re not a frequent air fryer user, having a pack of air fryer liners makes the clean-up process much easier. There are small holes in each liner to help the air circulate, and the paper liners come in two different sizes (seven- and nine-inch) to fit whichever fryer you have. Like liners for your slow cooker, they shouldn’t affect your recipe at all, just make your life easier by eliminating extra scrubbing.

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2. Baking Pan

Air fryers function like a super-hot oven, so naturally, they’re great for baking as well as frying. This small baking pan fits some of the most popular air fryers on the market (it’s also compatible with some models of the Instant Pot), and it can cook both sweet and savory dishes. Amazon reviewers recommend using it for recipes like cakes, macaroni and cheese, eggs with veggies, monkey bread, and more, so this pan will help you air-fry almost anything.

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3. Grill Pan

Turn your air fryer into a grill! The pan looks basic, but it’ll help you cook steak, burgers, chicken, seafood, and anything else you might normally toss on the grill. The raised pan lets oil and grease drip away from your food as it cooks, and its design allows you to “grill” smaller foods, like sliced veggies, that might otherwise slip through the grates of a normal grill. Plus, it’s a great way to get your fix of burgers on the grill when it’s too chilly outside for a full-on barbecue (and you'll still get gorgeous grill marks!).

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4. Cooking Rack with Skewers

Air fryers already circulate heat around your food (that’s what makes everything so crispy without much oil), but for larger foods, like chicken drumsticks, a raised cooking rack is a must. Instead of leaving one side to rest on the bottom of the fryer, this rack elevates your food so air can completely circulate around it and create an even, crisp coating. This rack also comes with skewers so you can make perfectly air-fried meat and veggie kabobs.

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5. Air Fryer Accessories Pack

For the biggest air fryer fan, consider getting a full accessory pack. You can find different versions depending on which tools you want to add to your kitchen, but this kit has just about everything you’d need. It includes two cooking racks (one with skewers), a baking pan, a pizza pan, a silicone mat, disposable paper lines, and even a silicone cupcake mold. It’s also got a tool for lifting your hot food out of the fryer, plus tongs and an oil brush, just in case your kitchen was missing those essential tools. There’ll be nothing you can’t air fry!

With the help of these accessories, your air fryer can practically replace your oven (especially if you have a large model, like the Instant Vortex Plus). Like air fryers, other countertop appliances also have accessories that will help you take full advantage of them, like Instant Pot tools and KitchenAid add-ons. Between those three appliances, you can tackle virtually any recipe out there.


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