With the release of new sparkling powder packets, there's officially a Pedialyte made for adults.

By Rachel Wermager
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Pedialyte is known for its use with sick children, but more and more, adults are finding benefits from the hydrating product. Adults older than 21 are using Pedialyte to cure pesky symptoms of a hangover, such as headaches, nausea, and dehydration.

The company seems to have picked up on this trend with the release of their new sparkling powder packets. The new product comes in cherry and grape flavors and dissolves clear into water, making them discreet with a crisp, refreshing taste. The fizzy packets, available now at Target, come with the same benefits as traditional Pedialyte, including dehydration prevention and electrolyte replacement. Not to mention, they're perfect for sparkling water fans and great on the go.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Beyond curing a nasty hangover, the sparkling packets have other uses for adults. Utilize them after a bad stomach bug, a tough workout, heat exhaustion, and even travel. In these cases, you can experience an electrolyte imbalance, and because humans are made up of a significant amount of water, it's important to stay hydrated. Pedialyte helps provide proper hydration, which can boost your mood, keep your skin moisturized and prevent sleepiness.

Pedialyte is designed to work better than sports drinks with two times the electrolyte sodium to replenish fluids more effectively and without all the added sugar that can actually make symptoms worse.

No matter the reason you use it, Pedialyte has rehydration benefits that work for more than just little ones. And with their new sparkling powder packets, combatting dehydration never tasted so good.


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January 8, 2019
My son-in-law is a participant in the up coming National Bricklayers 500 in Vegas. Sports drinks are provided, but I already know how not good they can be. Head to Target to laid up for him. Cool Beans.