The new Netflix originals give Fixer Upper reruns a run for their money. See our favorites and decide which ones you're going to binge-watch.
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You can officially quit cable because Netflix has all the home design and decorating shows you’ll ever need. In recent months, we’ve noticed Netflix putting out a number of original shows featuring real homes and homeowners, and we can't wait for the next season to drop. They feature incredible interiors and smart designs that are totally binge-worthy. Plus, no commercials means getting to the big reveal faster! Below are a few of our favorites.

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Stay Here

Netflix’s latest hit show focuses on the popularity of vacation rental services such as Airbnb and VRBO. World-class designer Genevieve Gorder joins real estate guru Peter Lorimer as they make below-average properties worthy of a 5-star review. The fresh spin brings a unique perspective and new challenges to design shows. The professional duo helps rental owners put their customer first to make their property stand out above the steep competition. In the pilot episode, watch Gorder and Lorimer flip a houseboat that more than doubles its original asking price. The best part of this show? These are real rental properties that you can stay in for a weekend or longer if you accidentally fall in love with them.

Netflix Extraordinary Homes
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The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

This Netflix original takes viewers around the globe in search of the world’s most extraordinary homes. Hosted by architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin, the duo visits a mountainside home with a chills-inducing view, a modern ranch in the middle of the Arizona heat, and much more. Even if real estate isn’t a thrill-ride for you, the hosts’ reactions are entertaining enough. Their enthusiasm for unique properties surpasses even the most dedicated HGTV star. Season one is four parts, with each episode focusing on a different terrain; mountains, forests, coasts, and underground homes are all included. Season two of The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes arrived on Netflix September 14, 2018.

Netflix Amazing Interiors
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Amazing Interiors

If you ever dreamed of living in a home with a slide for stairs, this Netflix show will encourage you to dream bigger. Amazing Interiors visits seemingly normal homes around the world that have unexpected elements on the inside, like a scuba tank in the living room or a circus that would make the Ringling Brothers jealous. Each 30-minute episode takes you to three residences containing crazy features. Though to live in one of these homes, you’d have to be pretty crazy yourself. Meet the homeowners who built their dream and get to live in it every single day.

Netflix Grand Designs
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Grand Designs

This wildly popular show first aired in 1999 in the United Kingdom. Instead of hiring a team of professionals to build a dream home, Grand Designs focuses on homeowners who do it themselves. Host Kevin McCloud has been with the show for over 180 episodes and still manages to find something new and unique in each grand design. In the first episode, watch as a couple takes on an abandoned theater and turns it into a spacious family home. Seasons 11 through 14 are available on Netflix, so the homes are more modern and up-to-speed with today’s trends.

Netflix Interior Design Challenge
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The Great Interior Design Challenge

Fans of The Great British Baking Show are going to love this one. Originally aired on British television, this competition-based reality show aims to find the best amateur interior designer in Britain. Two industry experts judge the designs of the contestants based on style and how well they match the client’s wishes. The dry sense of humor that made the show’s cooking counterpart so successful is alive and well in The Great Interior Design Challenge. The show started in 2014 so a few looks are a bit outdated, but the personalities keep it fresh.

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Reno My Reno

This show is for anyone who has gotten in over their head with a home renovation project. Each episode features a different weekend warrior who needs help with a home project. Host Dave Depencier comes in to save the day and leaves the homeowner with tips along the way. Reno My Reno proves that sometimes it’s best to just leave things up to the professionals. Season one aired in 2015 and is on Netflix now. With only 13 30-minute episodes, you can binge watch this in a weekend instead of tearing down that wall you have no business tearing down yourself.

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