New Year, new postage rates. Here's a rundown of mailing rate changes to expect.

By Allison Maze Vancura
December 05, 2018

If sending more snail mail is one of your 2019 resolutions, you might want to stock up on Forever Stamps while you're out shipping Christmas presents. That's because on January 27, 2019, several mailing services price changes will go into effect.

Sending season's greetings, birthday cards, and other first-class mail via the USPS is about to get more expensive. Starting next month, it'll cost 55 cents to mail a one-ounce letter, or a letter bearing a Forever Stamp. The upcoming five-cent increase on first-class mail is the largest price hike in decades.

Forever Stamps purchased before the price increase on January 27 will not require additional postage. They are always worth the current first-class postage rate.

There's a small silver lining, especially for couples planning to wed in 2019. The single-piece additional ounce price will drastically drop from 21 to 15 cents, so it'll cost less to send a typical two-ounce wedding invite.

Domestic postcard mailing rates will remain the same (35 cents per card), as will mailing rates for outgoing international letters ($1.15 per letter).

See the full list of the USPS's proposed 2019 postal changes.

Comments (4)

January 4, 2019
Still a deal to send a treasured birthday or sympathy card anywhere in our country, right to someone's front door for 55 cents. Flat rate boxes are an even better deal with no weight limit. I can send heavy jarred items, candles, jams, maple syrup etc. for under $20. Can't do that with the brown truck or on an airline checking a bag. So please be real for a moment. Plus they come to my house 6 days a week! I appreciate the service they give.
January 3, 2019
Ridiculous! And the people who run the Post Office keep getting bonuses??
January 2, 2019
Just driving more people to pay through Internet! Absurd Unrational thinking. What’s the Head of Post Offices being paid...might drop a few dollars at the top and stop gouging the citizens
December 27, 2018
Now how does this make cents? Raising one price&dropping Another.