Annie Sloan Just Announced New Chalk Paint Colors for Spring

Annie Sloan will be launching two new spring Chalk Paint colors, just in time for springtime refreshes.

If you are even the slightest bit crafty, you have likely heard of chalk-based paint, and if you’ve heard of (or even used) this chalk-based paint, you’ve probably heard of Annie Sloan. Sloan is considered one of the leading authorities on painting techniques, color, and style, and as the inventor of Chalk Paint, Sloan is the inventive mind behind the wild popularity of this popular decorative paint, which is known for its soft matte finish and became omnipresent in the ’90s and 2000s.

Annie Sloan's 2023 Coolabah Green Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan

Sloan’s Chalk Paint has come a long way since the ’90s: As the go-to medium for achieving shabby-chic finishes and distressed decor, chalk-based paint is now a classic look, and Sloan’s popular formula for her Chalk Paint has evolved to require little (if any) prep work and to adhere to almost any surface—including wood, plaster, metal, glass, fabric, melamine, brick, and concrete. Sloan’s range of color offerings has expanded over the years, too, and now Annie Sloan is introducing two new Chalk Paint colors: Coolabah Green and Whistler Grey.

Annie Sloan's 2023 Whistler Grey Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan

Coming in the spring of 2023, Coolabah Green is a color reminiscent of the ‘Coolabah’ eucalyptus trees, which grew in Sloan’s North Sydney, Australia, home. The second new color is Whistler Grey, a warm gray hue that was inspired by the 19th-century American-born artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

Both colors are perfect for embracing the current trend of bringing the outside in through nature-inspired colors, and also the hipstoric trend for giving new life to vintage pieces through color.  

Sloan’s vast collection also includes books, wall paints, satin paints, stencils, fabrics, and kits for creating looks inspired by things like Murano glass, Scandinavian art, and the Charleston Farmhouse. The company is also launching two new paint colors as part of the brand’s Satin Paint collection: Cambrian Blue and Upstate Blue.

All new color options will be available through Annie Sloan stockists and from the Annie Sloan website.

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