How Molly Yeh Is Inspiring People to Cook More—and Get Creative in the Kitchen

From peanut noodles to a miso apple pie, the cookbook author created a Blue Apron box inspired by her childhood—and they come together in minutes.

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Molly Yeh with Blue Apron recipes

Blue Apron

Cookbook author and Food Network star Molly Yeh is known for her fresh, farm-inspired flavors—and now you can easily recreate some of her favorite meals from the comfort of your own kitchen. Teaming up with Blue Apron, Yeh developed four mouthwatering recipes inspired by her heritage and childhood for her own limited-edition box.

For $100, home chefs will get all of the ingredients and cooking instructions needed to make Yeh’s curated menu: ginger-scallion burgers with fried eggs, pickled cucumbers and hoisin sauce; peanut noodles with bok choy; crunchy cabbage slaw with sweet chili mayo and sesame seeds; and miso apple pie with pistachio-coconut crumble.

“This has been a dream of mine for a while—I’ve been a Blue Apron fan for a very long time,” Yeh tells Better Homes & Gardens. “I immediately thought about my biggest sources of inspiration, my Chinese heritage being one of them, and all the Asian flavors that I grew up loving and that I still turn to on a regular basis for my comfort food.”

Molly Yeh Blue Apron peanut noodles and cabbage slaw

Blue Apron

When deciding what recipes to go with, Yeh used some of her long-time favorites as jumping-off points—she grew up eating peanut noodles, and knew they would be a crowd pleaser. With warmer months approaching, the burgers (which were inspired by potsticker filler flavors) felt like a natural addition. For elements of colorful, fresh, and crunchy, she went with the slaw, and the pie represents her Midwestern, Chinese-American background with the farm-picked apples and addition of miso. 

“I love to tell stories through food,” Yeh says. “Looking back and honoring my heritage in that way, I just love that story to come out in this creative way. And also, these are just the ingredients that I know the best and that I’m so comfortable with.”

Translating these recipes into something that fits in a box and best uses Blue Apron’s pantry ingredients took some tinkering but resulted in meals that can be prepared in minutes with minimal effort. The pie crust is premade, and the burgers come with an Asian sofrito that gets you big flavor with no chopping required.

Molly Yeh’s Blue Apron Box Cooking Tips 

To make a good burger into a great one, Yeh says seasoning and amount of heat is key. She recommends coating the patty with a layer of salt so you end up with a crust after searing (make sure your pan is hot before you add them). 

“I’m excited to see how people build their burgers since it’s such a DIY thing,” Yeh says. “And there are so many different toppings. Everybody can choose their own adventure, so I want to see what people are doing. For me, I’m all about the gochujang ketchup—I do a lot of ketchup on my burgers. But I just like to see how other people like to build their burgers.”

Molly Yeh Blue Apron ginger-scallion burgers

Blue Apron

With her noodle dish, Yeh says it’s important to know that transferring the hot noodles right from the pot into the bowl with bok choy cooks the vegetables and makes for a cohesive texture. They also taste great served at any temperature.

It’s evident that Yeh is passionate about sharing her recipes and love for food with others (via her show, cookbooks, blog, etc.), and she hopes this box can be a gateway to get more people cooking—and enjoying it.

“If somebody is inspired to take one of these techniques, one of these recipes, one of these ingredients and translate it to another part of their cooking—whether they’re cooking with tahini for the first time or cooking with miso for the first time—and they say, ‘Hey, this is really good. I think I want to add this to other recipes.’ That’d be my dream,” she says. “Or if they’re inspired to then make another kind of apple pie, or do similar flavors in their burgers in another format, or make potstickers since they’re so potsticker inspired—I just want people to try these flavors and be inspired to spend more time in the kitchen.”

Boxes are available on the Market without a Blue Apron subscription and as part of a regular subscription, and delivery goes from May 8 through June 19 or while supplies last. 

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