23 Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Modernize any room with these ideas for curtains, shades, and blinds.

white room with beige chair and white curtains

Adam Albright

Because window treatments need to be functional while fitting an aesthetic, it can be hard to find the right fit. A window treatment should be practical, providing shade and privacy, but they're often used as a design statement as well.

If you're unsure where to begin, these modern window treatment ideas are a good starting point. Even if you don't consider your interior design style to be strictly modern, you can always add a contemporary element to a more traditional decorating scheme.

From cascading curtains in unexpected materials to bamboo shades and blinds, we're sharing our favorite ideas to help you get started. These are the best ways to modernize your window treatments while keeping the function and fashion in tact.

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Dining Room Curtains

white dining room with curtains


Hanging pinch pleat curtains near the ceiling line are a simple way to add a high-end look to a space. Pair white or cream curtains with streamlined black matte hardware for a modern and polished atmosphere, especially against black window frames.

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Hang Printed Curtains

cottage style contemporary living room with blue curtains
Brie Williams

Layering curtains over blinds is an effective way to block out light while creating a polished look. Here, curtains with a small geometric print add a sophisticated element to the room without overwhelming the space.

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Midcentury Modern-Inspired Shades

white wall with wood desk and woven shades

Dane Tashima

Rattan shades fit in well with the midcentury modern decor in this home office. Shades like this are practical for a workspace because they diffuse light without totally blocking it out, so you can enjoy natural lighting while you work without having to squint into the sunlight.

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Hang Gauzy Curtains

white room with beige chair and white curtains

Adam Albright

White pinch pleated curtains bring an elegant, luxe feel to any space, especially when paired with gold hardware. While these curtains aren't quite sheer, the gauzy material diffuses light for a soft glow, even when they're pulled closed.

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Add Height with Double Panel Curtains

white living room with white curtains

Annie Schlechter

With a subtle geometric border, these double panel curtains are a bit more exciting than solid white fabric, but they don't distract from the neutral color scheme. Gold hardware adds an unexpected luxe look that pairs nicely with other metallic elements in the room.

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Use Curtain Rings

green couch living room gray walls
Greg Scheidemann

If you plan to open and close your curtains a few times a day, consider using large rings to hang them. This combination of floral curtains and brown rings gives an elevated but fun feel, without sacrificing practicality. This type of hanging causes less damage to the curtains because they glide easily across the rod.

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Add Texture with Rattan

white bedroom with woven shades

Dane Tashima

Natural materials like jute, bamboo, and rattan are popular right now, because they're so versatile. Blinds or shades made from these materials lend themselves well to all types of decor styles, so you can use the same window treatments throughout the house without having to change any of your existing decor.

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Small Bathroom Shade

white bathroom with black bathtub

Adam Albright

The modern window treatment in this bathroom is primarily used to provide privacy, but it's also an opportunity to add elegance. A beautiful roman shade in a neutral textured fabric adds a romantic touch without competing with other aspects of the room.

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Match Your Wall Color

teal room with teal curtains

Nicholas Johnson

This stunning room is proof that you don't need to shy away from color or prints when it comes to modern window treatments. Here, printed teal curtains create a monochrome effect against blue green walls of a nearly identical color.

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Hang Floor-Length Curtains

white living room with green chair


Thicker fabrics work well when it comes to blocking light, but blackout curtains don't have to look heavy. Here, the light color of the curtains gives the space an airy feel when they're pulled open during the day, and the floor-to-ceiling look adds height to the room. Pay special attention to the length of your curtains as you'll want them to skim the floor for most impact.

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Use Fabric Shades

white bedroom with wood beams


Create a simple and refined look with fabric shades in a luxe material. Linen, cotton, or textured silk are elegant options, while a creamy natural hues help brighten a space when the blinds aren't drawn. Keep in mind that you may need to layer lighter colors with a blackout shade when using them in a bedroom.

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Dining Room Shades

white dining room with wood ceiling

Patrick Biller

In small space—like this narrow dining area—simple shades or blinds keep the space from feeling cramped. These lovely understated farmhouse blinds blend seamlessly with the wood paneled ceiling.

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Use Printed Shades

teal kitchen with black marble

Lindsay Salazar

Printed fabric shades take the place of wall art in a space with wall-to-wall windows. Here, the toile print fabric perfectly complements the marble countertops while adding visual interest.

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Matching Headboard and Shades

teal bedroom with gray bed and gray shades


For a tranquil bedroom aesthetic, match your shades to the fabric of your headboard. Here, a linen flax material provides a calming texture that's continued throughout the space.

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Install Natural Shades

living room with white textured rug
Jay Wilde

Sometimes the shape of your windows or the layout of a room doesn't allow for traditional curtains. Here, this trio of windows nestled between built-in shelves requires shades instead of curtains. When selecting blinds, take cues from the textures and materials used in the rest of the room; these blinds fit right in with the jute rug and light wood.

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Floor-Skimming Curtains

Bedroom with large window and multiple pillows
James Nathan Schroder

One way to dial up the sophistication of bedroom curtains is to make sure they touch the floor. It's always a smart idea to measure the height of your wall before choosing curtains, but there's no need to have the exact length custom made. Simply adjust the height of your ceiling rod until the curtains skim the floor.

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Tasseled Curtains

home office with pink walls white desk and black chair

Joyelle West Photography

Even if you have lower ceilings, you can still get the look of classic curtains. In this small attic office space, gauzy curtains add a sophisticated look while letting in plenty of light. A tasseled border is a simple alternative to printed or colored curtains, adding texture without overwhelming a small space.

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Hang Sheer Curtains

a light airy bedroom with high ceilings and big windows

Julie Soefer

It doesn't get much more serene than flowing sheer curtains in a bright white bedroom. Both romantic and sophisticated, these gauzy curtains soften light and add a touch of privacy.

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Velvet Curtains

four poster bed against a wall with green curtains

Hector Sanchez

Dial up the drama of your modern window treatments by using velvet curtains. The unexpected combination of luxe velvet curtains and rattan shades seamlessly blends with the natural textures throughout the rest of the space.

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Double Up On Curtains and Shades

white living room with wood shelves

Kat Teutsch

Layering curtains over blinds not only blocks out light, but it gives you more versatility when it comes to decor. These rattan shades provide privacy and a casual, earthy look. For something a bit more formal, the gray curtains can be pulled closed all the way.

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Gathered Curtains

blue wall with wood desk and white curtains

Adam Albright

Gathered curtains often have grommets sewn in the top of each panel, eliminating the need for rings. This keeps the look minimal and streamlined. In this office space, the gauzy fabric curtains are more aesthetic than functional, so you don't have to worry about the fabric grommets tearing as you open and close the curtains.

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Window Seat Shades

bhg window nook

Joyelle West Photography

When you're curled up in a cozy window seat, sometimes you'll need to filter out direct sunlight. These linen shades in a sophisticated oat color accent the neutral walls and grasscloth wallpaper while providing a practical element to the space.

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Minimalist Window Shades

white bathroom with round mirror

James Nathan Schroder

Even the smallest bathroom windows require shades for privacy, and you can take the opportunity to introduce a new texture to the space. Here, small roman shades deliver on both style and function by adding a modern feel to the space. With a smaller or irregular-size window, you may need to have a custom window treatment made.

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